Who is Tom Peters?

Tom Peters is the Director of Design, Rear Wheel Drive Performance Vehicles for General Motors.
Source: www.wwj.com

Tom developed a passion for art and design at a very young age, and soon developed a love of cars and industrial design. After his second year of college in Louisiana, Tom left his home state for the West Coast in 1976. After graduating in Transportation design from the Art Center College of Design in 1980, he went to work for General Motors. He left GM for Texas Instruments in the later part of 1980, designing consumer electronics including children’s learning aids and first generation laptop computers.

In 1982, Tom returned to General Motors, where he worked in Advanced and Production Studios for Pontiac and Chevrolet. Tom worked on production Camaros and Corvettes. He also worked on a number of concepts, including the concepts for the first Saturn cars, the Corvette Indy show vehicle and the 1988 Pontiac Banshee prototype.

He transferred to California in 1992 as Director of GM’s Advanced Concept Center. Programs at ACC ranged from full size trucks to alternative drive vehicles. ACC also helped pioneer the use of math in the design and development process.

In 1995, Tom returned to Detroit, managing programs in Portfolio Development and Pontiac Production Studios.

Tom was Vehicle Chief Designer for the XLR Cadillac roadster and the sixth-generation Corvette. Upon completing these two programs he was named Advanced Design Director for General Motors, Michigan. In this position, he reconstructed the Advanced Design Department, directing various projects that included the Cadillac Sixteen and Buick Velite concept vehicles.

Recently, Tom was the Director of Design for Production Midsize Trucks and Corvette, where his responsibilities ranged from releasing the new Z 06 Corvette to contributing to the Hummer programs. Tom is currently Director of Design for the Rear Wheel Drive Performance / Corvette studio

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