Dealers accepting deposits - again

Earlier this year, Chevrolet dealerships began accepting deposits for 5th gen Camaros. Since GM did not officially announce the program yet, they requested those dealers return the money and cease the practice.

Since the program was given the green light yesterday, at least one dealer is accepting a deposit, and using the marketplace giant Ebay to do it.

Gary Miller Chevrolet-Buick in Girard, PA has an ebay auction running right now (auction # 300016433097). For the low price of $25,000 you can reserve the first Camaro this dealershi offers for sale.

Reading the description states the $25,000 amount is how much you agree to pay over the MSRP of the vehicle in question.

Lets hope nobody bites on offers like this and gouging is kept to a minumum to the truely greedy.

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