2010 Camaro SS patroling the streets in Abu Dhabi

The police force in Abu Dhabi recently added a modified 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS LS3 to their fleet. The Camaro was modified by the police department after taking delivery from Bin Hamoodah Automotive.

Camaro to pace the 2010 Indy 500

Two years in a row, the Chevrolet Camaro will pace America's race - the 2010 Centennial Indianapolis 500. With the rebirth of the 2010 Camaro at the 2009 Indy 500, the car did not look like much more than a quickly fabricated decal package. For 2010 the car looks much better! It appears there will be special front grille treatment, side emblem, special paint combo and striping kit & decals. The light bar will no longer be on top of the vehicle, according to Edmunds.com, the bar will be in the rear window of the Camaro.

Just like 2009, there do not appear to be plans to produce a replica version for the public to buy.

For more pictures visit Edmunds.com

John Fitzpatrick discusses the output shaft 'issue'

In an open letter from GM Marketing Manager, John Fitzpatrick, he addresses concerns online about the 2010 Camaro output shaft 'failures'. It is interesting that while automotive enthusiasts who frequent brand/model specific web sites/forums makeup the minority of car owners, they can have such a large impact due to the exposure received online.

Here is the letter from John Fitzpatrick posted to Camaro forums across the country;

I understand over the recent Thanksgiving holiday, the Camaro output shaft topic heated up. We understand the members' passion and concern for this issue as it involves a major powertrain component. Rest assured, everyone on the Camaro team takes these issues very seriously, but there is some confusion regarding this matter that we would like to try to clear up.

As many of the members know, we started to receive warranty claim reports in June of this year regarding output shaft failures on Camaro SS models with manual transmissions. When we noticed a spike in claims, a review was initiated to determine the root cause for the failure. This review is common practice for us, and usually takes a number weeks to complete. Since we did not immediately know the root cause, we did slow the shipments of Camaro SS models from Oshawa for a couple of weeks until the review was completed.

At the end of the review, we concluded the probability of a customer experiencing an output shaft failure under normal driving conditions are very low (or - if you are into engineer speak, "below tolerance"). In fact, even in the most extreme driving condition, the probability of failure does not significantly change.

Ideally, we would like to say that there is no chance a failure under any driving condition will occur. We know this is not possible since every car - regardless of manufacturer - has some probability of a part failing. In the case of Camaro, we believe the probability is very low. We have such confidence in the low probability that we back it up by providing the industry best's powertrain warranty - 100,000 miles or 5 years, which includes roadside assistance and courtesy transportation. If the powertrain part fails due to a defect in our workmanship or material, we'll correct the issue regardless of the number of owners a particular Camaro may have during that period.

Hopefully this will provide a little more insight from our perspective on this topic.

John Fitzpatrick
Marketing Manager - Chevy Performance Cars

Support independent film makers and win a new Camaro

news-leader.com reports the Springfield Independent Filmmakers' Association is currently selling raffle tickets to win a 2010 Chevrolet Camaro. This fund raiser will help promote local film makers.

Tickets are only $25 and are available until December 31, 2009.

For $25, you could win a new Camaro and help local Springfield, Missouri independent film makers at the same time.

Proceeds from the raffle will help fund the MFAS edit-bays and support the soon-to-be- launched SIFA web site.

“SIFA is a unique network of artists and multimedia entrepreneurs who are acutely aware of the positive impact a thriving film industry has on a local economy,” said Jeremiah Gill, co-founder of SIFA. “We are determined to stimulate and nourish the local film scene and make Springfield a formidable presence in the independent film industry.”

For more information, visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/MissouriFilm.org

Papa John's new diecast Camaro and Charity


Pizza chain's contribution to annual holiday campaign also will include free pizza offer on back of mini-car packaging, all available at www.papajohns.com

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (November 16, 2009) – Earlier this year, "Papa" John Schnatter set out on a cross-country Road Trip to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Papa John's Pizza...and to search for the car that started it all: a 1971 Z28 Camaro that Schnatter sold to keep his dad's tavern in business and ultimately open his first Papa John's restaurant. He even offered a $250,000 reward for the car's safe return. To everyone's surprise (especially Schnatter's), the beloved Camaro was found in Flatwoods, Ky. in August.

Beginning today, pizza and car lovers alike may purchase a mini replica of Schnatter's Camaro for just $4.99 at www.papajohns.com. For every mini Camaro sold, $1 will be donated to the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation, just in time for the holidays. In addition, every toy's packaging includes a coupon for a free medium cheese pizza – making it the gift that keeps on giving, long after the holiday leftovers are gone!

Papa John's is also donating 5,000 mini Camaros directly to Toys for Tots – a retail value of $25,000, and $50,000 in redeemable free pizzas. In total, Papa John's will contribute more than $155,000 to the 2009 Toys for Tots campaign.

"You could say that Christmas came early this year for John, which is why we're especially pleased to share his joy with kids around the country who love Papa John's pizza," said Jude Thompson, Papa John's president and chief operating officer. "Papa John's is proud to partner and be associated with Toys for Tots, renowned for touching millions of young lives year after year."

"Papa John has a great story that's not only fun, but also provides hope and inspiration to less fortunate children," said Maj. Bill Grein, USMC (Ret), vice president of the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation. "Toys for Tots is honored to have the support of Papa John's and their 2,600 restaurants across the country this season as we make the holidays brighter for families everywhere."

For more information and to purchase a mini Camaro, benefiting Toys for Tots, visit www.papajohns.com.

Camaro buyers prefer the V8

For the first time in decades, Camaro buyers prefer the V8 model over the V6. Based on a report from Edmunds.com, two-thirds of the 47,233 Camaros purchased between April 2009 and October 2009 have been the SS model.

While fuel economy and price are much better in the LT/V6 model, more buyers throughout 2009 seem to prefer the L99 or LS3 v8 models. It looks like performance cars are not quite dead yet :)

David Mendoza wins a Dr Pepper 2010 Camaro

Lets hope David sees this post and signs up on ModernCamaro.com!

David Mendoza, 24, recently won a 2010 Chevrolet Camaro through a contest by Circle K convenience stores and Dr Pepper.

He submitted an entry every day throughout the 3-month contest period to win the car, which features a custom "red jewel tint" paint job that mimics the color of a Dr Pepper can.

He said he was shocked when contest officials contacted him.

See the article here

Image from newsok.com

GM & Hurst raise $61K for charity

Tire Business reports General Motors Co. and Hurst Performance Vehicles generated nearly $62,000 for the Specialty Equipment Market Association’s (SEMA) Memorial Scholarship Fund recently by auctioning a pre-production 2010 Hurst Camaro.

New Jersey engineering company owner Ernest Feist had the winning bid of $61,900 for the Hurst-customized Camaro, which joins a 1979 Firebird Trans-Am in Mr. Feist’s automotive stable, SEMA said. eBbay Motors conducted the auction prior to the recent SEMA Show, where Mr. Feist took ownership of the one-of-a-kind Camaro.

Source: www.TireBusiness.com

Texas Motor Speedway Camaro entrance

Quite an entrance for this Camaro pace car!

November 8, 2009 at Texas Motor Speedway. The video speaks for itself.

The fastest 2010 Camaros

GM HiTech Performance rececntly published a list of the fastest 2010 Camaros out there right now, #3 is our hometown Livernois Motorsports!

Fastlane - 10.87
Hennessey Performance Engineering - 10.95
Livernois Motorsports - 11.02
Advanced Racing Dynamics - 11.22
Redline Motorsports - 11.32
Late Model Racecraft - 11.60

Click here to read the article complete with pictures

SEMA V6 twin turbo Camaro & Jay Leno

As previously posted, Autoblog was looking at that nice silver Camaro in the GM display and reported it may be the Z28. Today we get the full story from ModernCamaro.com

Check this out, Jay Leno works with GM to design this masterpiece, a 3.6L direct injected V-6 with a pair of Turbonetics T-3 turbochargers blows through a custom air-to-air intercooler, force-feeding the engine about seven pounds of boost and lifting its horsepower level to about 425.

Checkout the write up with PLENTY of pictures on ModernCamaro.com :D

2011 Camaro Z28 at SEMA?

Looks like a nice ride to me, also looks like something GM would put in showrooms...

With internet speculation running abound, Autoblog posts some nice shots from 2009 SEMA at Las Vegas this week. LINK

Wreaking HAVOC - Innovative Vehicle Solutions Unveils Camaro Body and Performance Kit at 2009 SEMA Show

Dynamic exterior package allows custom modification; engine package offers extreme power

LAS VEGAS, Nov. 2 -- It's time for Camaro enthusiasts to experience some HAVOC. Innovative Vehicle Solutions (IVS) will premiere its HAVOC Camaro Aero Kit for the fifth generation Camaro to media and consumers at the 2009 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show this week. The HAVOC Aero Kit will be on display at the Classic Design Concepts booth (#11215) from Tuesday, Nov. 3 through Friday, Nov. 6, at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

IVS created the HAVOC Aero Kit to deliver top of line performance and styling, while allowing Camaro owners to tailor their own look with the kit's build-your-own custom approach. The new-to-the-market kit will be available through various distributors.

The HAVOC Camaro Aero Kit includes:

* Custom 20" HAVOC wheels, available in both black chrome PVD and bright chrome PVD coatings, which are tooled to standard OEM size so no new tire purchase is required;
* Lower front chin spoiler with brake cooling openings;
* Side lower rockers that feature accent lines that tie-in with the front chin spoiler;
* An aggressively styled rear spoiler;
* Rear two-piece diffuser with paintable outer section and optional carbon fiber hydrographics on the center section, designed to provide an assertive look and hide stock exhaust cans; and
* Custom side and hood graphics package.

Future Camaro-targeted offerings from IVS will include products such as a V6 chin spoiler, a custom composite hood and side vent louvers.

The HAVOC Aero kit is made from reaction injection molding (RIM) material, is production-tooled, designed to OEM specifications and mostly uses stock attachment points, which minimizes modification for body fitting. The HAVOC parts will be available to ship on November 16. With individual kit pieces ranging from MSRP $225.00 to MSRP $625.00 and a total kit cost (without wheels) of MSRP $2,250.00, the HAVOC offers Camaro owners an affordable way to customize.

"The HAVOC Camaro Aero Kit allows our customers access to the most current and stylish Camaro kits on the market but on their own terms and at a lower cost than other kits," said Adam Moore, business development manager, performance/aftermarket, IVS. "By combining our design expertise with our proven automotive experience, we provide a full range of personalization options."

"At IVS, we're committed to producing the highest quality performance accessories that provide years of continued reliability," said Scott Ronan, president of IVS. "The HAVOC Aero Kit underscores that commitment and is an example of how we push the creative envelope and test the limits of passion and performance."

Camaro Powertrain Packages

For those who want to upgrade the horsepower of their Camaro, Powertrain Integration - which provides engine, transmission and drivetrain solutions to the niche market - is offering engine packages that can be purchased as part of the HAVOC Aero Kit or separately.

Also on display at booth #11215, the SEMA Camaro is powered by GM's 638hp, flagship 6.2L supercharged LS9 engine. The Powertrain Integration kit is a bolt-in conversion, including the engine, computer controls and accessories necessary for a simplified installation. Customers can also choose to have Powertrain Integration build the complete vehicle with various engine and horsepower options.

Other companies assisting on the SEMA Camaro show car on display at booth #11215 include: Corsa Performance Exhausts, Winona PVD Coatings, Vision Wheel, Kay Automotive Graphics, MWW Automotive, Bongiovi Acoustics, Eibach, Magna Donnelly, Alternative Automotive Technologies, Eicher Engineering, Troy Tooling and Manufacturing, Be Kool Radiators, Brembo and Webasto.

Based in Metro Detroit, Innovative Vehicle Solutions is committed to personal customer attention and satisfaction, as well as producing the highest quality performance accessories to provide years of continued reliability. IVS specializes in vehicle personalization enhancements, creating specialty accessories for Corvette C5/C6 and the 5th Generation Camaro.

Whether it's concept or creation, the IVS team combines cutting-edge technology with superior design to push the creative envelope and capture the spirit of the open road. Instead of taking the road less traveled, IVS forges new roads that push the creative envelope and test the limits of passion and performance. IVS continues to develop accessory programs, styling kits and specialty automotive components that are marketed directly or in conjunction with vehicle up-fitters and dealer networks. www.ivsauto.com

Letter from a disgruntled Camaro owner

Chevrolet Communications receives quite a few letters from customers over here at Chevrolet. Some are good, and some offer “constructive criticism.” Normally they don’t publish them, but they really felt a need to share this letter. The author, Roger B., gave them permission to share portions of the letter about his 2010 Camaro.


I just have way too many problems with this car. Let's start with the exterior:

1. The styling is too aggressive.

I'm a pretty passive person by nature and I don't want the personality of this car to project onto me. The front looks like a snarling animal ready to pounce. Scary.

2. The paint is too shiny.

I spent last Saturday applying ZAINO to the car and I must have done it wrong because I can't even tell what color it is anymore (Victory Red, BTW). All I can see is shine and reflection.

3. It's too sexy.

What with the curves and hips that the body features I'm starting to have feelings about this car that no Christian man should have. I haven't looked it up but I'm pretty sure it's a sin.

Now about the interior:

1. The seat fits too well.

I think Oshawans must have busted into my house while I was sleeping and measured my butt because the driver's seat feels like it was made for my body. Creepy.

2. The audio system is too loud.

I can't even have a decent conversation with my wife because the audio system is always blaring Classic Rock and we're singing at the top of our lungs. That can't be good for marital relations.

On to performance problems:

1. They gave me the wrong motor.

When I ordered the 1LT several "friends" intimated that I was a wuss for not getting the V8. The V6 is a "woman's car". (I'm sure they meant no offense...) I think the Oshawans seriously screwed up and gave me the V8 because this thing is way too fast for a V6. It practically LEAPS when I step on the gas.

2. There's no indication of excessive speed.

I'm used to a car shaking like a gypsy wagon (pots and pans clanging, dead chickens swinging) when I approach 70 mph but this thing is way too smooth. I'm just casually driving, happen to look down and, to my understandable HORROR, I'm doing 85! Smooth as air hockey. That CAN'T be good.

Finally - general overall problems:

1. The odometer must be WAY off.

There's no way I've put that many miles on it already. Just because I drive 45 miles round trip over twisty-turny country roads to get a hamburger, it shouldn't add up THAT fast. 110 miles round trip for a Chipotle burrito shouldn't be excessive. And don't even get me going about a T-Bone steak!

2. I'm unable to keep up with my TV watching.

I don't know what I'm going to do when 24 starts up again.

3. I hate letting it out of my sight.

I find myself parking 6 miles away from store entrances (after letting the wife out at the door - I'm not a caveman...) because I'm deathly afraid some crazy, loony, Charlie Manson looking nut-job will give me a door ding. I'm seriously angry if a butterfly farts on my car. I don't think my heart can take the stress.

4. People keep LOOKING at me.

I feel like I'm in a July 4th parade! I really can't stand all the attention. My smile muscles hurt and my right thumb is going to be in a cast at this rate. Who needs that?

So, as you can see, I have no choice but to return the Camaro since I can't imagine any of these problems ever being resolved.

Oh wait - CRAP! I just remembered... I sold my 60 day return policy back to the dealer for $500. Well, I guess I'll just have to live with it. Maybe it will grow on me.

Signed - Roger B.

NEOCC charity auctions on ebay!

The fine Camaro enthusiasts from NEOCC (NorthEast Ohio Camaro Club) are holding CHARITY ebay auctions for some 'upgrades' for the 2010 Camaro.

Looking to upgrade your wheels and tires on your 2010 Camaro?

Want a little more rumble than the stock exhaust provides?

Well here’s your chance to accomplish these things while helping others!

The NorthEastern Ohio Camaro Club (NEOCC), with the help of our friends at Baker Performance Parts, is holding an ebay auction for:

1) A set of 21” GMPP black faced wheels with mounted Pirelli tires (includes center caps, lug nuts, and pressure sensors). Listing #190344676445. Click HERE for the ebay listing

2) A GMPP axle back Track Pack exhaust upgrade. Listing #190344679038. Click HERE for the ebay listing

These are brand new GM parts and were on display at the NEOCC Camaro Fall Classic and F-Body Summit ’09 held at Summit Racing Equipment last month.

100% of the proceeds from these auctions will go to Aluminum Cans for Burned Children (ACBC) at Akron Children's Hospital. The NEOCC has been involved with ACBC for nine (9) years and is proud to be affiliated with this wonderful program which raises money to help burn victims with medical needs, as well as camps and other activities to help children and their families deal with their, sometimes, life altering injuries. Again, 100% of the proceeds from these auctions will be benefiting ACBC and is considered a donation purchase. A tax form stating the donation will be sent to the winner.

So please, if you or your friends are in the market for either of these upgrades for your 2010 Camaro, take a look at our auctions and help fellow Camaro enthusiasts help others.

Good luck and enjoy not only your new toys, but the wonderful feeling of helping those who really need it.

Thank you!!

Chris Slocum - NEOCC President

Project Z2010 on PlanetLSX

Introducing Planet LSX Project "Z2010". So named for its throwback to the original 1969 Z10 pace car coupe, this Summit White 2010 Camaro RS/SS was treated to custom painted Hugger Orange stripes by Custom Werx of Spring, Texas when it was only 6 days old. Since then, it has been seriously put through the paces.

With only 850 miles on the odometer, we made the trip to Hennessey Motorsports’ first annual Camaro Nationals invitational event, where it saw its first dyno pull. A few minutes after laying down an impressive 369 hp and 368 ft-lbs of torque, we made our way to the 1/4 mile track where, in the blistering Texas heat, we laid down a base time of 13.42 at 108.4 mph. With a density altitude of over 2000 ft, we knew she had more in her.

See the details and pictures here: http://www.planetlsx.com

HURST 2010 Camaro on ebay for charity

The Hurst Camaro that will be displayed at the SEMA Show is expected to be the first of the modified Camaros to be offered, but for now there is only one Hurst Camaro and last Friday, that One-of-a-kind muscle car went up for auction on eBay.com. The proceeds of the auction will go to support SEMA Memorial Scholarship Fund, and along with owning a unique piece of automotive history, the winner of the 2010 Hurst Camaro will also win a lavish vacation package to the SEMA Show in Las Vegas!

The bidding opened on Friday, with an amazingly low starting price of just $10,000, and while it took a while for the bidding to start, the price rocketed up quickly. We are past the halfway point in the bidding, which is set to run from the 16th to the 23rd, and with 19 bids (as of 5:30 pm est) the leading bid stands at $42,600. I expect the price of the 2010 Hurst Camaro to continue to rise as the current bidding price is only a few thousand dollars more than a “normal” 2010 Camaro 2SS-RS, and with the long list of modifications inside and outside this instant collectible is likely to draw big money for the charity.

Click here to see the auction on ebay

Return of the Yenko name?

Yenko is one name in muscle car history that resonates with all Chevy fans. Jeff Leonard, owner of California-based General Marketing Capital, is looking to resurrect the famous name as Yenko’s 45th anniversary approaches.

The famous Yenko Chevrolets all originated from Don Yenko, owner of a Chevrolet dealership in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. Yenko, along with several other dealers across the U.S., gained fame by using General Motors’ special order program to create powerful muscle cars that normally wouldn’t be offered from the factory. Yenko’s first custom Chevy was the 1965 Stinger, a Corvair designed to dominate SCCA events, but cars like the SYC Camaro and the Super Nova truly made the Yenko name legend.

With the 45th anniversary of Yenko approaching, Leonard says he is going to create an “online home for the brand” and possibly launch some new products under the moniker. General Marketing Capital is currently consulting with specialty firms about building such products. With the introduction of the 2010 Camaro, we have to say this sounds like the perfect time to resurrect the famous Super Camaro…

Source: Inside Line

Camaro factory on TV tonight!

Can a "muscle car" from GM's mid-20th Century heyday help bolster the car giant's sales and reputation? "Ultimate Factories: Camaro" (Thursday, October 15, 2009 8 p.m. EST, National Geographic Channel) looks at the introduction of the 2010 Camaro SS and efforts to redefine a popular legend using 21st-century technology.

Click here for more details

Cole Hamels' MVP World Series Camaro SS

John Goral of Bensalem, Pennsylvania has a very special 2010 Camaro SS. His car was received by Cole Hamel of the Philadelphia Phillies for being the MVP in the 2008 World Series!

When John saw the Camaro at the local dealership, he asked them to remove the 'corny Phillies World Series badges' off of the fenders. After the salesman told them the story behind them, he rethought his request.

Click HERE to read the article in the Philly Daily News

Make a Wish raffles a 2010 Camaro SS

The Make-A-Wish Foundation of Michigan is making a dream come true for one lucky Camaro enthusiast and it could be YOU! Thanks to the generosity of long-time supporters Don and Lee Hamilton of Hamilton Chevrolet, the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Michigan is raffling off a 2010 Camaro SS valued at $32,855!

Purchase a raffle ticket today for only $25 and make a difference in a child's life. All of the proceeds from this raffle will go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Michigan to help grant wishes to children with life-threatening medical conditions.

Camaro "On Tour" in September

Come and check out the Camaro on Friday, September 19 at Macy's Twelve Oaks Mall in Novi (Macy's main entracnce). The Camaro will be on display during the WNIC Making Wishes Come True Radiothon .

Location Address:
Macy's, Twelve Oaks Mall
27550 Novi Rd.
Novi, MI 48377
Click Here for Directions

The Camaro will also be on display at Cold Stone Creamery in Sterling Heights during the World's Largest Ice Cream Social on Thursday, September 24 from 3pm-8pm.

Location Address:
Cold Stone Creamery
35732 Van Dyke Avenue
Sterling Heights, MI 48312
Click Here for Directions

Tickets Only $25 Each.* Get Yours Today!

1) Call the Foundation directly at 800.622.9474 or visit one of our three conveniently located offices .

2) We will contact you. Interested in purchasing a ticket or getting more information? Simply email us at wish@wishmich.org , provide us with your full name and phone number and we will contact you to process your credit card order and answer your questions. (Due to federal regulations, raffle tickets can not be sold online).

3) Visit or call Hamilton Chevrolet at 586.264.1400, located at 5800 Fourteen Mile Road and Mound in Warren, Michigan 48092 Get Directions.

* Winner is responsible for tax, title and transfer fees. Winner is also responsible for pickup and transportation of vehicle upon receiving notification of winning. Raffle open only to adults age 18 and older.

Drawing Details

Date: October 8, 2009
Time: 9:00 am
Location: Hamilton Chevrolet located at 5800 Fourteen Mile @ Mound Road in Warren, Michigan 48092. Get Directions.

Vehicle Specifications:

* 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS 2 door Coupe
* Color is Red Jewel Tint coat exterior with Beige Sport Cloth seat trim


* 6 speed automatic transmission
* 6 liter 400 HP V-8 engine
* AM-FM Stereo radio with CD Rom & MP3 playback
* power windows and door locks
* cruise control
* A/C, rear defogger and much more!

Camaro service bulleting 09207A is released

GM has issued a Service Bulletin #09207A as of September 2009

This bulletin covers three items;

HVAC Reprogram: This will help prevent the evaporator from freezing up after extended highway drives

Engine Harness Position Inspection: This impacts LS3 SS models and will verify the harness bracket does not make contact with the heater hose clamps

Rear Spoiler Fasteners: Impacting only vehicles with a VIN lower than A9126194 and equipped with a rear deck spoiler, this will replace all six fasteners and use Loctite 242 Threadlocker to ensure a secure installation

Click links below to see the actual service bulletin:

Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4

100 year old Camaro owner

One of the first 2010 Camaro Transformers edition cars to be delivered in Illinois went to Virgil Coffman recently. Virgil lives alone, cleans his own house, cooks his own meals. He has owned 35-40 vehicles in his lifetime. He traded a late model Monte Carlo SS and paid CASH to buy his yellow 2010 Camaro SS. He has been known to drive to Detroit on occasion himself.

While most of this does not sound that out of the ordinary, Virgil is 101 years old!

Take a look at the video of his story HERE

Custom 2010 Camaro Constructed for Competition in 2010 Formula DRIFT Championship

LOS GATOS, CA – BR Racing by Luke Lonberger in partnership with Conrad Grunewald Racing reveal they are in the process of building a 2010 Camaro SS in preparation for the 2010 Formula DRIFT Championship competition.

“I am very excited to be able to drive such an iconic American muscle car in the Formula DRIFT Championship,” said Conrad Grunewald, driver and owner of Conrad Grunewald Racing. “Our main goal is to have the Camaro ready for the 2009 SEMA show but our preseason testing should start immediately after the show. I have a great amount of confidence that BR Racing and Luke Lonberger can build this Camaro into a highly competitive car and I look forward to getting back out on the track.”

Hankook Tire Corporation will provide tire sponsorship for the 2010 Formula DRIFT season. Grunewald announced the Camaro will use Hankook Ventus R-S3 tires on custom Forgeline aluminum 3-piece wheels. The car is to be controlled by Eibach’s Multi-Pro-R2 two-way adjustable dampers and coilovers. A GM Performance LS-A supercharged 6.2 liter V8 controlled by the AEM Universal EMS and expected to make over 600 RWHP will power the Camaro. All body work will be constructed with carbon fiber from Seibon Carbon.

The car will also be on display the 2009 SEMA Show at Las Vegas Convention Center, Nov. 3 to Nov. 6, 2009. The Camaro build can be followed at www.conradgrunewald.com.

Entering its sixth season, Formula DRIFT is recognized as the North American professional drifting championship. Established on the streets of Japan, drifting has evolved into a worldwide competitive sport that challenges each driver’s driving ability and vehicle control. Formula DRIFT provides a forum for professional drifters to compete in 7 events nationwide for the coveted Formula DRIFT Championship crown. As the first official series in North America, Formula DRIFT has taken competitive motorsports to the extreme attracting fans and car enthusiasts from all walks of life and establishes itself as the global focal point for the Sport.

AAT 2010 Camaro Supercharger Package

Troy, MI, September 20, 2009 -- Alternative Automotive Technologies released its custom supercharger package for the new 2010 Chevrolet Camaro at the Woodward Cruise.

This custom package includes a Magnuson 2300 TVS supercharger (offered in standard black finish or polished or painted), custom cold air kit (polished or painted), custom engine/coil covers, painted engine bay (to improve factory finish), and Borla cat back exhaust. These items combined will deliver an impressive 501 rear wheel horse power and 455 lb. ft. of torque.

The complete package installed at AAT’s Michigan facility list for $13,799.00 and comes with a 3/36 component warranty. Each component can be ordered individually vs. the complete package and can be mail ordered accordingly for customer installation.

With the popularity of the new Camaro and the customer demand to keep the passion in the aftermarket industry, Alternative offers new products for the new generation of OEM production performance vehicles, as well, like the Mustang and Challenger. AAT engineers, manufactures, sells, services and installs high performance engine upgrades, body kits and suspension components and packages. Alternative has combined efforts by networking with many of the other Automation Alley partners and suppliers to produce quality products.

See the web site for specifications and pictures of Supercharger unit and options.


or call:

Bryan Chambers @ 248-588-1198 x1010

The Mansory Porsche Cayenne Turbo S Chopster

What do you get when you combine the legendary Mansory and a Porche Cayenne Turbo S Chopster? Usually an incredible automobile taken levels above the what the factory offers only a few will have the chance to experience behind the wheel. Mansory has already transformed such automobiles as Bentley, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Bugatti, McLaren and Rolls Royce, wait until you see the Porsche below.

This Porsche Cayenne was widened, and most of the body was replaced with dry carbon fiber.

Power train modifications include a larger turbo, tuned engine management system and an upgraded exhaust. At 710HP this SUV will hit 187 MPH.

The 23x11 wheels compliment the new air suspension system.

These amazing modifications continue to the interior where their use of hand finished flawless leather skins wrap the panels. The Porsche seats were replaced with four carbon fiber shell seats which is where you sit while enjoying the DVD player and laptop complete with internet connection.

Carriage House Customs and their SCCA Camaro

During the recent 2009 NASA National Championships at Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, Utah, PFADT Race Engineering had a customer's GEN 5 Camaro on display. PFADT Competition built the sway bars, engine mounts, coilovers, control arms, and cradle bushings for the new Camaro.

The Camaro was built by Carriage House Customs for SCCA and NASA competition, and is one of the first full tilt road race builds. Carriage House Customs gutted the interior and added an SCCA legal roll cage, then put the Camaro on a diet by removing the doors, bars, and all bolts and fixtures that weren't important to the structural rigidity of the car.

The PFADT 2008 NASA National Champion Corvette provides proof of their engineering and expertise with high performance suspensions. With Miller Motorsports Park in their backyard, they were able to test multiple packages, including different spring rates, damping curves, and sway bar rates.

The Camaro is powered by its original LS3 and six-speed transmission that has been updated to meet the tough demands of road racing.

While the car was not ready for the NASA Nationals, the Camaro was still a big hit with the competitors and fans. Look for the car to debut in 2010 at select NASA and SCCA events around the country.

Source: www.lsxtv.com

SEMA: HURST Camaro to be auctioned off

Irvine, Calif. (September 17, 2009) – SEMA, in cooperation with General Motors and Hurst Performance Vehicles, announced today that it will auction the first pre-production HURST/Camaro prior to the 2009 SEMA Show. The proceeds are to benefit the SEMA Memorial Scholarship Fund, a program that fosters industry leadership by supporting the education of students pursuing careers in the automotive aftermarket.

The car will be auctioned on eBay Motors during the two weeks prior to the show.

"SEMA has a wonderful history of supporting our industry through scholarships made to deserving students," said Scooter Brothers, Chairman of the SEMA Scholarship Committee. "The SEMA Scholarship Committee is delighted that Hurst Performance, along with GM, is making this generous donation with this one-of-a-kind HURST/Camaro. We look forward to a very successful auction culminating at the SEMA Show this November."

"We are thrilled to be able to support the SEMA Scholarship Fund by contributing this very special Camaro," said Bob Kern, General Motors SEMA Relations Manager. "GM is very committed to growing this industry and we are certainly dedicated to be part of a program that helps enrich the lives of so many young, aspiring automotive scholars."

The very first HURST/Camaro is finished in Hurst's best bad-boy colors; brilliant black with honest-to-goodness real painted silver and red stripes. Hurst hardware could pass for art; especially the massive 20" polished forged aluminum HURST T-2 wheels, a Hurst Competition Plus short-throw shifter with a special red anodized HARD-DRIVE® billet pistol-grip shift handle and a Hurst AIR-SPEED® rear deck spoiler and real metal exterior badges. The Eibach suspension and Magnaflow stainless performance exhaust system deliver more attitude and performance to match the looks of this stellar performance machine. The interior has a personalized HURST/Camaro dash plaque and logo embroidered floor mats. Signatures from the Hurst Executive Team are under the trunk lid and documentation is provided to complete the car's provenance and guarantee that it is truly one-of-a-kind.

"This is hands-down the coolest Hurst Camaro ever...in fact, it's the first one!" said Hurst Performance CEO and 25 year SEMA Scholarship Committee member, Chris Phillips. "At Hurst Performance, we are committed making a difference with our cars and that includes helping young people get started in their careers in this industry. We are honored to join SEMA and GM in donating this car to this very worthy cause."

Joining Hurst Performance as Sponsors are many of the industry's most respected companies including Aria Design, BF Goodrich Tires, Magnaflow, K&N, Eibach, Acsco Products, Star West and CoverKing.

Watch for the unveiling of the new 2010 HURST/Camaro Performance Series at the 2009 SEMA Show in November.

GM to make more Camaros?

Sounds like GM may be turning up production numbers on four models which have exceeded projected sales figures. These vehicles are the Cadillac SRX, Chevrolet Camaro & Equinox and the Buick LaCrosse.

Great news for GM since their June 2009 reorganization efforts.

Win a new Camaro from Hershey

Hershey is giving away one new 2010 Camaro valued at $35,000!

Eligibility : Hershey’s Camaro Sweepstakes open only to legal residents of the 50 United States and District of Columbia, who are 18 years of age or older at time of entry.


How To Enter : Visit www.hersheys.com/sweetride during the Sweepstakes Entry Period, and click on the icon, banner or text link to access the sweepstakes entry page. Follow the online instructions to complete the Official Online Entry Form and submit as instructed to register for the sweepstakes.

Limit : Limit one (1) online entry per name per e-mail address per day.

Prize (s):

One (1) Grand Prize. The Grand Prize winner will receive a 2010 Chevy Camaro. Approximate Retail Value (”ARV”): $35,000.00.

Twenty-Five Hundred (2,500) First Prizes. Each First Prize winner will receive a HERSHEY’S Vintage cap. ARV: $15.00 each.

Winners : For the first initial, last name, hometown and state of the Grand, Prize Winner, mail-in a self-addressed stamped envelope to: Hershey’s Camaro Sweepstakes Winner’s List, P.O. Box 3450, Dept. 6961-741, Young America, MN 55558-3450 by February 26, 2010.

2010 Berger Camaro SS

As seen on ModernCamaro.com tonight, looks like Berger is ready to unveil their version of a 2010 Camaro SS! I like the retro blue bowtie emblem in the front grille, but would pass on the added SS emblem on the fenders.

The stance is perfect and of course I'm a fan of the vintage blacked out rear end panel as we have seen on Berger 4th gen Camaros as well.

Package Details:
  • 6.2 Liter V8 Supercharged 550HP, 475fp Torque
  • Chambered Stainless Cat Back Exhaust System
  • Forgeline 3 Piece Modular Wheels 20X9.5 Front, 20X10.5 Rear, Custom Machined Center W/2010 SS Logo
  • Pirelli P Zero Tires 275/40X20 Front, 305/35X20 Rear
  • Revised Suspension Including New Progressive Rate Springs
  • Urethane Radius Rod Bushings
  • Urethane Rear Subframe Bushings
  • Hurst Billet/Plus 2 Short Throw Shifter
  • Custom Painted Rally Stripes
  • Custom Painted Blacked-Out Tail Panel
  • Custom Painted Blacked-Out Inner Grille Area
  • SS Fender Badges Featuring 2010 SS Logo
  • Custom Styled Unique Front Grille
  • Retro Blue Front & Rear Bowtie Emblems
  • Berger Numbered Dash Plaque
  • “Prescribed Power by Berger” Engine Compartment Decal
  • Chrome by Berger Rear Emblem
  • Berger “Prescribed Power” Emblems
  • Berger SS Floor Mats
  • Fitted Berger SS Car Cover
Many more images here

Visit their web site for more information: www.bergerchevrolet.com

Camaro V6 vs. Hyundai Genesis coupe

Cars.com recently tested the Camaro V6 and the Hyundai Genesis coupe V6, you might be surprised with their findings.

From the article:

The muscle car Camaro may seem like an unlikely competitor to the Hyundai Genesis coupe but they match up surprisingly well when both are paired with V-6 engines. As a whole, we feel the Camaro offers a more refined driving experience and nicer interior, but not quite the excitement of the Genesis coupe. The Camaro can pull off daily driver duty easily while the Genesis isn’t as friendly, delivering a jarring ride over anything but smooth roads. However, the coupes we tested have been the high-performance Track trim levels.

Click here to read their comparison

Camaro goes on sale in the UAE

According to Johnny Amiouni, GM Camaro Launch Manager in the Middle East, the all new 2010 Camaro is now available in Al Ghandi Auto, Bin Hamoodah Automotive and Liberty Automobiles Co. showrooms.

Both trim levels are available, the V6 LT and V8 SS models. No word yet on pricing in the UAE.

Edawg Designs - Ed Roth inspired apparel

We all remember the famous hot rod art work by Big Daddy Ed Roth. His designs back then were radical and they really represented the muscle car culture back in those days. They were the hottest thing around and everybody wanted one.

Inspired by the late "Big Daddy" Ed Roth, the godfather of the monster-car designs from the 1960's, Arizona's Erich Long created Edawgdesigns.com to help promote new and more creative t-shirts for modern muscle cars.

So I decided to try and carry on his tradition by releasing a line of t-shirts representing today's fuel injected brutes! Erich already has a couple of very nice 5th Gen Chevy Camaro based designs in his line-up as well as the Dodge Challenger and Ford Mustang. His designs are fun, bright and really eye catching, we like them and think you will too.

Visit their web site: Edawgdesigns.com for more information.

You can also find Erich and his designs on the largest 5th Gen Camaro community on the net, ModernCamaro.com

Chevron Gives Away Chevrolet 2010 Camaro

Chevron Products Co. named initial grand prize and first prize winners across the country for the Texaco Everyday Performance Instant Win Game. Grand-prize winners receive a 2010 Chevrolet Camaro and first-prize winners receive a year's worth of Texaco gas.

So far, more than 4,694 people have been named winners, the company reported.
The promotion ends Tuesday, Aug. 31, and customers can still enter to win by picking up a game card from a participating Texaco station and registering to play online.

For details about the Camaro visit Jeff Bressler's blog: www.roadswing.us

Convertibles at Holden

As we have all heard, the Camaro convertible is still a go for the 2011 model year, we should see them in showrooms by the summer of 2010. Pistonheads.com recently posted an image of a few Camaro SS convertibles parked outside a Holden facility in Australia.

This model has been the topic rumors for quite some time as GM has gone through their financial woes. Hopefully these images will put some fears at rest as it looks like development is well under way at the soon to be largest automaker in the world (again).

MTI Free Camaro day at Talladega

MTI Racing announces the “FREE Camaro Funfest Trackday and Carshow” for all owners of 2010 Camaro

The event is FREE. That’s right! You bring a 2010 Camaro, you get to drive on the track for FREE! This event is open to ALL 2010 Camaros. From New York to California, it doesn't matter where you come from, you are welcome to rip it up at the track.

Here are the details:

WHEN: Sunday, October 4th, 2009
WHERE: Little Talladega Gran Prix Raceway
TIME: 930am – 330pm
COST: FREE to those in a 2010 Camaro!

What is going on at the FREE Camaro Funfest?

This trackday is going to be an awesome event! There will be a driving clinic, track lapping, slalom course, skid pad, passenger parade laps, carshow with awards, and acceleration challenge. MTI Racing is even providing the cookout on the grill!

How do I attend?

Step 1: Must have a 2010 Camaro, or borrow your neighbor’s Camaro.
Step 2: Reply to this thread on ModernCamaro.com saying “I’m going to the MTI Racing FREE Camaro Funfest!” AND make a hyperlink to your favorite 2010 Camaro upgrade from our website, http://www.mtiracing.com/purchase/2010-camaro.html

For example:

I’ve got a black 2SS and I’m going to the MTI Racing FREE Camaro Funfest! My favorite upgrade is http://www.mtiracing.com/purchase/2010-camaro/mti-racing-stainless-braided-brake-lines.html

RHD Camaros available in Australia

Starting in October 2009, new Camaros are available for sale in Australia!

According to CarAdvice.com, Performax International (Queensland) will be the first company to import and convert the cars to right hand drive in Australia.
Performax's Nick Vandenberg says the converted, ADR approved and road registrable Camaro, will cost around $130-150,000 (AU). They recommend you act quick as many orders are already in the queue.

The pictures below show the Camaro during the transformation at Performax.

Source: CarAdvice.com.au

Morano Racing - 2010 Camaro performance specialists

Anthony Morano operates Morano Racing near New York City, NY.

MoranoRacing.com is your one stop shop for 2010 Camaro Performance Parts and Accessories. What sets us apart is that we sell only 5th Generation Chevrolet Camaro products. We are dedicated to the 5th Gen Camaro and offer every customer the best customer service, parts, and technical support.

Morano Racing covers Camaro owners with Cold Air Intakes, Exhausts, Wheels, Tires, Nitrous kits, Superchargers, Headers, stripe kits, and everything else you can imagine. Camaro customers are now able to get everything they need, without the hassle of ordering parts from different places. We also offer FREE shipping and handling.

Morano Racing has been setting itself apart in the industry by offering super easy online ordering, fast shipping, low prices and the best customer service around. We strive to make your shopping experience enjoyable, and as simple as possible NO hidden Fees: Morano Racing DOES NOT charge any extra fees like processing fees or order fees like other competitors.

Extremly Low Prices: We strive to have the absolute lowest prices around. We are here to expand the car hobby, and create a community.

They are in touch with the Camaro performance applications and are a site supporter on the largest 2010 Camaro forum in the internet ModernCamaro.com

Check them out online or call today @ 866-948-0999
Tell them the 5th Gen Camaro blog sent you!

EVI Project Fugitive is complete!

We first reported about this project car earlier this month EVI Project Fugitive.

The project is complete and based on the images and video below, this is just what we like to see! After the Magnuson supercharger install, they threw 7lbs at it, put it back on the dyno for tuning and some numbers. The car came back with 564rwhp / 584rwtq.

See more at

GeigerCars Chevy Camaro SS Compressor

In general, American tuning companies stick to American cars (Saleen, Callaway,) Europeans stick to European cars (Hamann, Novitec, Edo,) and Asians stick to Asian cars (HKS, Strosek.)

GeigerCars, however, is a German tuning company that modifies mostly American cars. Once they’re out of the Geiger showroom, there is an obvious German touch to the project. The 2010 Geiger Chevy Camaro SS Compressor is no different. The tuners took a new Camaro SS and added their own touch…what have they come up with?

The 2010 Camaro SS can produce a healthy 432 hp - but that’s not enough. Geiger added a supercharger and exhaust system to the car, which allows it to produce a head-snapping 568 hp. A twin plate sport clutch helps the six-speed manual transmission handle the extra power, which propels the car up to a top speed of 195 mph.

Geiger has also fitted the Camaro with a new suspension system consisting of coilovers, adjustable anti-roll bars in the front and rear, as well as an upgraded braking system. New wheels round out the package, which you can instantly tell is German-inspired just by looking at the pictures (see link below)


Hennessey Performance HPE650 - For Sale

Now is your chance to own one of the first professionally tuned 2010 Camaros out there, a Hennessey HPE650!
This Rally Yellow 2SS/RSS currently has 1,907 miles on the clock

  • 655 HP @ 6,300 rpm
  • 642 lb-ft TQ @ 4,400 rpm
  • Black TVS2300 Supercharger System (8 psi boost)
  • HPE High-Flow Cylinder Heads
  • Custom HPE650 Spec Camshaft
  • HPE Cold Air Induction System with Heat Shield
  • 1-7/8 inch Stainless Steel Long Tube Headers
  • High Flow Catalytic Converters & Mid-Pipes
  • Upgraded Fuel Injectors
  • 160 Degree Thermostat
  • HPE Engine Management Calibration
  • Stage 1 Coilover Suspension Upgrade
  • Black 3-Piece Forged HPE Wheels with Polished Lip
  • Front: 20" x 9.5" (2" lip)
  • Rear: 20" x 10.5" (2.5" lip)
  • Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 Tires
  • Front: 275/55/ZR20
  • Rear: 305/35/ZR20
  • Professionally Installed at HPE's Texas Facility
  • Dyno Tuned & Road Tested
  • Modified Engine Cover (Yellow)
  • Black Rally Stripes
  • Carbon-look Body Kit (Rear lip spoiler, front spoiler and side rocker pannels)
  • Chrome "SUPERCHARGED" Cowl Badges
  • Black Hennessey & HPE650 Exterior Badging
  • Limited-Edition Numbered Dash & Engine Plaques
  • Hennessey Premium Floormats
Feel free to contact me at the office at 979-885-1300 or on my mobile at 281-979-2581

Jackass - 1969 Camaro with LS9 power

As we reported in March 2009, the 1969 Camaro with an LS9 Corvette ZR1 motor now known as Jackass was debuted at the 2009 Detroit Autorama.

Mark Stielow had the car built by Reiters Metalcraft Inc in Mt. Clemens, Michigan. Mark has written a book detailing the build up of this car.

The car that really changed the way people viewed Pro Touring Camaros was Mark's Mule. While that car was featured in a series of buildup magazine stories, there is still a lot that wasn't shown. Mark wrote a book on the entire buildup of the '69 Chevrolet Camaro that became as world famous as the Mule. It details how he starts a major project, what methods he uses to create his groundbreaking cars, and some excellent tips on how to tune a car to provide enjoyable, consistent performance. It is loaded with more than 700 color photos and is available exclusively from Scoggin-Dickey Parts Center for $26.95.

Image from HotRod.com

Camaro sells out in Japan

Michihiro Yamamori, of GM Asia Pacific operations, says they have 120 orders for 2010 Camaros in Japan, this over the planned quota for the year. Japanese pricing is not expected until October 2009, but experts predict it will have a range between $45,325 and $56,390 depending on the model and options selected.

The Camaro has already outsold every other GM vehicle in North America, it sounds like this car is a success all over the world.

Oshawa mayor is criticized for buying a new Camaro SS

It seems some citizens of Oshawa, Ontario have their panties in a wad over the car their mayor bought for himself.

John Gary recently took delivery of a Red 2010 Camaro SS, the car that is taking buyers by storm, selling like hotcakes and is produced in the very town he supports as Mayor.

“Our mayor is flaunting this gas-guzzling vehicle all around town,” complains constituent Bill Steele. “Our taxes are the highest in the GTA by far, and I don’t like that I’m paying for part of a sports car that gets 17 miles to the gallon.”

Mr. Steele, not sure how things work in Canada, but it sounds like John Gary spent his hard earned money to buy what he wanted, not what everyone else wanted him to drive. How happy would you be if everyone around you including YOUR clients or employer told you what to drive? Not too happy I'd bet...

If more people minded their own business, especially in cases like this, the world would be a better place overall.

Link to article

Finally a white 2010 Camaro SS

Milenio Motors in Mexico has a white 2010 Camaro SS on the showroom floor.

I wasn't sure how much I would like them, but looking at this SS I think it looks pretty good.

With Red Jewel and Yellow being two of my favorite colors, white is climbing the charts after seeing this image (provided by a blog reader). I'd still prefer to have my stripes continue to the front fascia and have them painted on rather than decals. Vinyl is for boats.

2010 Fred Gibb ZL1 Limited Edition

Fred Gibb was a Chevrolet dealer in LaHarpe, Illinois. This quaint Midwestern town currently has a population of approximately 1,300. In the Super Car/racing circles he is best remembered as the father of the 1969 ZL-1 Camaro. The ZL1 is also known as COPO 9560.

Fred Gibb Chevrolet started racing a 1967 Chevrolet Z28 Camaro called "Little Hoss". Numerous drag race wins, helped Gibb establish a reputation as a major Hi- Performance dealership.

By the next racing season, Fred Gibb was performing engine swaps/conversions right at the dealership. That same year, Fred Gibb Chevrolet special ordered and sold 50 COPO Nova's with 396/375 engines and experimental Turbo-hydramatic transmissions. These were also known as COPO 9738. Some of these special Novas were also converted into 427ci Super Cars!

It was ultimately the 1969 Camaro ZL-1 which ensured Fred Gibb's lasting mark on muscle car history.

His close friendship with Vince Piggins of Chevrolet, provided Fred Gibb the necessary avenue to have his concept of the ultimate Camaro race car come to fruition. This project included Chevrolets ultimate Big Block, of the day, an all aluminum 427ci engine. This engine was dubbed code ZL-1.

Chevrolet liked the idea, but wouldn't grant approval unless they were guaranteed to sell at least 50 cars. Fred Gibb assured GM that he could sell the 50 cars himself, at a projected price of $4,900 Thus, the Gibb concept was hurried into production.

The first two Dusk Blue ZL-1 Camaros (COPO 9560) were delivered to Gibb December 31, 1968. They were exactly as specified. 48 more ZL1s were delivered in March of 1969. However, there was a major problem. The sticker price was not $4,900, but rather a startling $7,269, nearly doubling the price of a cast-iron 427ci Camaro (COPO 9561).

The high cost was due to a new GM policy, which stated that instead of the auto manufacturer absorbing most of research and development cost associated with specialty vehicles, it was to be passed on to the cost of the vehicle. This drove up the cost of the COPO 9560 option from an estimated $400 to $4,000.

Fred knew that it was very unlikely that he could sell all 50 Camaros at that price, so he successfully convinced Chevrolet to take 37 of the cars back, re-invoice them, and re-distribute them to other high performance Chevrolet dealers. This was the first time the factory had ever allowed a dealer to return cars.

Fred Gibb was able to sell 13 of the ZL-1 Camaros. Eventually an additional 19 ZL-1's were built and sold by other dealers, resulting in a total production run of 69 ZL-1 Camaros, with the possibility of two engineering prototypes.

Fast forward 40 years and the Fred Gibb Chevy II Novas, race cars, conversion cars, as well as any of the original ZL-1 Camaros are some of the most significant and sought after collectible Chevrolets of all times. The best ZL1s still command more than $1,000,000 in the market place, that is if you can ever get an owner to part with one.

The introduction of the new 5th generation Camaro has once again provided the opportunity to build a 2010 Fred Gibb Edition ZL1 with an all Aluminum 427ci engine.
This will be a limited edition of 50 numbered and serialized Camaros along with two proto-types.

Stay Tuned for more details or call Dennis Barker the Director of Hi-Performance sales at; 616-204-6066.


One more test of Detroit Muscle

Edmunds.com completed their own comparison of the Ford Mustang GT500, Dodge Challenger SRT8 and the Camaro SS LS3, this time the GT500 edged out first place to the Camaro RS/SS second place finish.

Link to article

How to: Installing headers on a Camaro SS

PlanetLSX.com and Late Model Racecraft have teamed up to put together this well written 'how to' page on installing long-tube American Racing headers on a 2010 Camaro SS.

From the procedure:

We found the installation of headers on the 2010 Camaro to be a relatively straightforward process. Most readers will most likely require a professional installation simply due to the tools required. The car needs to be at least 2 feet off the ground in order to slip the headers in place from the bottom. We did not attempt to put them in from the top, as they do not appear to fit that way. You will also need the Sawzall to make the required cuts at the rear of the midpipe, regardless if you are installing this system on a factory set of mufflers or an aftermarket catback. The installation process shown here is for matching up with an MBRP stainless 3" catback, but the same steps will also be used to install this header system with a factory exhaust system. The only difference is the location of the cuts, and that the cuts will be on the factory 2.5" muffler pipes instead of the American Racing adapter pipes shown in this procedure.

See the complete process and pictures HERE

Challenger SRT8 vs Hennessey Camaro HPE550 vs Mustang GT500

In response to reader dismay about the previous test which Motor Trend compared the 2010 Camaro SS LS3, 2010 Mustang GT and the 2009 Challenger R/T, this latest comparison has the following:
  • 2009 Dodge Challenger SRT8
  • 2010 Camaro Hennessey HPE550
  • 2010 Ford Mustang GT500
First off, we do not find this to be a truly accurate comparison as the Dodge and the Ford are OEM vehicles you can order from your dealership and are built at the respective assembly plants. The Hennessey car takes a Camaro SS and transforms it into the performer you will see here, maybe a closer representation to what GM would do with a Z28 type package.

Here are a few replies MT received after that previous comparison:

"What a crock you guys did. How do you guys sleep at night? What upset me on the test was you didn't use the SRT or the Shelby in the comparison...you used the R/T and GT to keep the price more inline...I have an idea for next month's test. Compare the Camaro SS against a Kia Rio. They're both cars, have 4 wheels, have an engine and transmission. Close enough."
via email

"This is such crap! Why the hell did they compare them? A Camaro SS vs. the Challenger maybe, but the SRT8 version would have been better to compare. And again, with the Mustang GT, the GT500 would have been a better comparison car. dturner via motortrend.com

"Motor Trend, you amaze me at your stupidity. You take a mid-range Mustang and a mid-range Challenger and pit them up against a RANGE TOPPING Camaro SS. What are you thinking?? Here is an Idea, when you compare cars, make sure they are the same trim levels. Look and learn...Dodge Challenger SRT8 vs. Ford Mustang GT500 vs. Chevy Camaro SS"
via motortrend.com

A better comparison in this case would have been the Challenger SRT8 and Mustang Cobra against the Camaro SS. Let's compare apples to apples.
Dave Tatman
Sammamish, WA

You get the picture. If they think a Camaro SS and a GT500 or the SRT8 are comparing apples to apples, they are delusional.

I'll let you read the comparison for yourself, let us know what you think!

Comparison: 2009 Dodge Challenger SRT8 vs 2010 Hennessey Camaro HPE550 vs 2010 Ford Shelby Mustang GT500

Turbo V6 Camaro and Nürburgring

East Texas Muscle Cars is developing a turbocharged 2010 V6 Camaro with the ultimate goal of beating the Nissan GT-R around the Nürburgring Nordschliefe.

Rather than go the V8 route, "We wanted to do something a little different," says company spokesman Mike White. "We're seeing a lot of interest in something like this for the V6 Camaros."

The car, currently under development, will initially be a one-off to prove the concept and take the pulse of the market. Built with a forged crank, rods and pistons, the V6 will receive a modified Squires Turbo Systems remote-mount turbocharger kit and produce around 500 horsepower.

Other changes include a Baer big brake kit, lightweight 20-inch iForged wheels and Pedders coil-overs and bushings to address "the stock Camaro's tremendous understeer and cradle walk."

The company estimates the Camaro's final weight to measure about 3,750 pounds. "This will not be a race-prepped car. Anyone can build a racecar to beat a street car," White continues. "We will have a full interior and be running 275/35 Bridgestone RE050 [street] tires. Everyone knows the GT-R wasn't running street tires at the 'Ring," White continues, referring to the GT-R's results in the hands of Nissan engineers.

Once sorted, the company plans to crate up and ship both the completed Camaro and a close acquaintance's personal GT-R to Germany to run hot laps of the Nürburgring. "We want to beat the GT-R's lap time."

The car will debut at the 2009 SEMA Show this year in the Squires Turbo Systems booth.

Source: Edmunds.com

EVI Project Fugitive

Hank Graff Chevrolet of Davison, MI is going to be selling a new performance package 2010 Camaro SS. The shop responsible for the performance package is Engineered Victories of Davison, Michigan.

The performance package includes American Racing 1 3/4 Headers, Magnuson Supercharger setup, and a custom EVI Dyno Tune. The build is 100% street legal. As of right now, Engineered Victories is in the process of completing the first car. The dyno tune is finished and the American Racing headers are installed. The car has so far put down 427hp / 453tq. That's 47hp / 59tq over the factory numbers the car first put down. The Magnuson supercharger is next.

You can stay up to date with this project by visiting www.engineeredvictories.com/Fugitive

If you're interested in purchasing one of these cars or have any questions in regards to sales. Call of visit Hank Graff of Davison at (810) 653-4111‎. If you already own a 5thgen Camaro SS and wish to have this performance package installed, contact Engineered Victories at (810) 407-0956 or visit www.engineeredvictories.com

Camaro outsells Mustang again

Although Camaro sales were down about 2,000 from June to 7,113, for the second straight month, the new Chevrolet Camaro has outsold the Ford Mustang

The CARS program allowed Ford sales to rise but the Mustang sales dropped by about 1,000 units.

Autoblog.com reports that General Motors still has quite a few Camaro orders remaining to be filled.

The Camaro was not produced between 2003 and 2009, the last time Camaro outsold the Mustang was 1993, the first year for the fourth generation design.

Special Delivery

This 2010 Camaro got a little too close to the FedEx box after being redirected by a mini van blowing a flashing red light in Montana. Does not appear to be any real injuries aside from the damaged Chevy and a totaled Fed Ex box.