How to: Installing headers on a Camaro SS and Late Model Racecraft have teamed up to put together this well written 'how to' page on installing long-tube American Racing headers on a 2010 Camaro SS.

From the procedure:

We found the installation of headers on the 2010 Camaro to be a relatively straightforward process. Most readers will most likely require a professional installation simply due to the tools required. The car needs to be at least 2 feet off the ground in order to slip the headers in place from the bottom. We did not attempt to put them in from the top, as they do not appear to fit that way. You will also need the Sawzall to make the required cuts at the rear of the midpipe, regardless if you are installing this system on a factory set of mufflers or an aftermarket catback. The installation process shown here is for matching up with an MBRP stainless 3" catback, but the same steps will also be used to install this header system with a factory exhaust system. The only difference is the location of the cuts, and that the cuts will be on the factory 2.5" muffler pipes instead of the American Racing adapter pipes shown in this procedure.

See the complete process and pictures HERE

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