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Camaro pilot motor compartment pictures

These fuzzy camera phone images showed up on Jalopnik this week. No real suprises here, we see the commonly used plastic motor covers, this model looks very close to what we see on the Cadillac CTS today.

There are more V6 motor compartment images posted on Jalopnik

GM still weighing model lineup for Oshawa

Source: Globe and Mail Update

January 14, 2008 at 2:43 PM EST

— General Motors Corp., is still studying which cars to build in Oshawa, Ont., alongside the new Camaro, because the U.S. debate on fuel economy means it's difficult to assess the market for rear-wheel-drive cars, company chairman Rick Wagoner says.

“The issue we're looking at in the U.S. is just with the [corporate average fuel requirements], how big those segments are going to be,” Mr. Wagoner told a small group of reporters Monday at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. “It really is the $64,000 question.”

He said GM has not concluded how sales of rear-wheel-drive vehicles will be affected by the U.S. government move to require fleets to average 35 miles per gallon by 2020.

“We've had a range of ideas,” he said. “In the latest developments on fuel economy, some seem more feasible than others and others that were pretty good a while ago don't seem as logical now.”

But he pointed out that there's likely to be high demand for a six-cylinder version of the Camaro and GM will offer a version.

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Front view of the Camaro

Posted on the GM blog site today!
Not much to comment on, of course we can't see much detail in this picture. Looks like they keep tossing out little carrot chunks to tide us over :)

Click HERE for a HiRes version from

Bumblebee at the 2008 CES in Vegas


It appears DOLBY has the biggest celebrity spokesperson at the 2008 CES show in Las Vegas this year. posted some great shots of this larger than life version of Bumblebee from the 2007 Box office hit - Transformers

Check out their site for more images.

A message from Scott Settlemire on the Camaro

This was posted by Scott Settlemire (Fbodfather)on Thursday, January 3, 2008


I've always said that one of the best parts of owning a Camaro is the 'people' part........we are blessed to have so many people who feel so passionate about this great nameplate.

I've spent a lot of time on this (and many other) sites over the past dozen years because I felt that it was important to have the 'pulse' of the enthusiast. I also feel it's appropriate at times to give some hints (wink, wink) and answer questions.

Now -- all that said -- I can also tell you that --at times -- it's been a huge source of frustration as well.

We (that's you and me) need to remember that we (that's you and me) are not the 'end all' of what is and is not Camaro.

I have said in many meetings over the years that those of us within GM that work on Camaro/Firebird/Corvette are but the custodians of the brand.

We are not the brand.

We are the CUSTODIANS of the brand.

And I can tell you that it's something that every person who has worked on -- or is working on -- these brands understands that idea.........

I'd ask everyone on this site to keep the same thing in mind. Yes -- you may be an absolutely "dyed in the wool" enthusiast -- but please understand that while there are things you many not like -- we must keep ALL enthusiasts in mind as we design/engineer/build these wonderful cars.

You may not like, say, a seat fabric -- and that's fine -- but at the same time, 95% of our other enthusiasts may love it or find it fact, it doesn't take you long on this site or any other site to realize that there is no way we -- or any other manufacturer -- will ever get 100% agreement on anything!

We must balance everything so that the enthusiast will love it -- but so will vast numbers of other people who may not be an enthusiast -- but take one look at a new Camaro and fall in love with it....and just HAVE to have one in their garage.......

Yes -- we'd love to give you a 900 horsepower Camaro that gets 35mpg and has 25 available exterior colors with 20 interior colors -- all for $19,995..........but that is about as realistic as me marrying Sandy Bullock or Daisy Fuentes or Christie Brinkley...........

The Camaro MUST be realistically priced so that most -- if not all -- of you can afford one.........

That's why I constantly ask people to keep a sense of 'decorum' as we (that's you and me) discuss the Camaro (and other cars...)

I'm sorry, but "That looks like *ss" is NOT appropriate for this site or any other (Admins - correct me if I'm wrong....) ....because, you see -- when you type something like that, you insult many people...and while you may not like it, 80 percent of other enthusiasts may think it's great and like it.
(and please -- to a certain person in the state of Illinois ...please don't post an unscientific survey because of this post.......)

Now....with that said -- I talked with John F. (Fbodfather 2.0) today after the interior pics leaked from the car carrier..........and we both believe it's important to talk about where these cars are in terms of production intent.

As you look at the uncammo'd cars (and yes, we will be posting some other pictures in the near future) -- and as you look at the unauthorized pictures of the interior........PLEASE KEEP THE FOLLOWING IN MIND:

1. None of these mules are anywhere near complete. Most parts are pre-production parts. If I had to assign a 'percentage' -- I'd say the cars are at 65% of production intent........

2. Some of the parts you see aren't even close to what you'll see on the production Camaro. For instance -- if you were to suddenly see a Camaro without the front bra in place -- you'd see some 'horrible' headlamps. There's a good reason for that...the production lamps are not ready - -and as a result - many of the mules have what I call....
" ..hey Joe - go run down to the local autoparts store and grab us a buncha headlamps and then go hot-glue 'em in place on those Camaro mules over there!!!!".........headlamps.............
..........see what I mean? So -- see something that doesn't look right? Hang in there -- it's likely to change!!!

3. Mules are usually painted white for a good reason -- I'll get into that one of these days -- but yes -- we know some of you don't want white -- but we aren't about to paint 'em every shade of the rainbow for testing.....patience, my friend -- patience!

4. Interior pictures are very misleading. As I said above, many of the parts are either pre-production -- 'off the shelf' parts to serve as placeholders -- or hard plastic and used only as a 'stand in.'
(Remember when I said a few weeks ago that the hips didn't disappear? Remember that a few of you didn't believe me? )

Keep something in mind today and tomorrow and next week and next month and next year.........................
........If one of us (John, Cheryl, myself, etc) say something -- we mean it. I plan to be on this and other sites for a long time to come. We don't intentionally lie. That's not our style.

let's keep the conversation going. Let's keep the faith..... (remember when I said that wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy back in August of 2001 when I said "the Camaro WILL be back??".......

Please -- I'm begging you -- please hold off in final judgement until you see the finished product. If there's something you see that you don't like -- it's OK to discuss -- but let's hold off with the insults -- and let's also respect each others' opinions.

Finally -- you can be ASSURED that the final production Camaro is the most researched and most 'Camaro enthusiast injected' (sorry - couldn't quickly think of how to put that....) Camaro ever.......
.......and when the smoke clears sometime in 2008 -- I think 99% of you are gonna love it. To the other 1% -- sorry -- we tried!

(and NO, the production Camaro will not be at NAIAS -- Bumblebee, however, WILL be there ....and just mebbe wearing a new set of wheels to replace the plastic wheelcovers......)

More 2010 Camaro pictures

No camo this time - this image was posted to the Fastlane GM blogs today.

There were also more spy shots released of one of the camo test cars including some nice interior shots. Click HERE for the thread on

2008 is the GM Centennial

Source: Detroit Free Press - Katie Merx
December 30, 2007

As General Motors Corp. begins the celebration of its 100th year this week, the automaker hopes to focus on the technological and business promise of its next century as much as it commemorates its storied history.

GM has been a large force in shaping the American automobile and global commerce, and its executives today have their sights set on making vehicles that redefine personal transportation for the next century.

There is a MySpace page celebrating the 100th Anniversary. There will be event information updated on this page throughout the summer --

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