AL Oppenheiser on the GT500

Camaro Chief Engineer Al Oppenheiser wrote this open letter to Camaro enthusiasts on November 16, 2011 in response to internet buzz about the new 600 horse power Ford Mustang GT500.

As you know, the blogs lit up with the announcement of the new 650-horsepower Mustang GT500, and I wanted to give you my perspective on the latest challenge from Dearborn.

The Mustang has been playing catch up since the moment the fifth-gen Camaro arrived in 2009. Since then, Camaro has been the best-selling sports car in America, indicating that consumers know which car offers the best performance, style and safety.

It is no coincidence that Mustang has introduced three 100-horsepower increases to keep pace with Camaro: First their V-6 was bumped to 305; then their V-8 went to 412, and now the GT500.

Even with the 100-hp increase, the 2013 GT500 will still not match the technology and sophistication of the 2012 Camaro ZL1.

The days of “no replacement for displacement,” are over, and it’s not enough to be fast in a straight line. With the Camaro ZL1, we set out to deliver integrated performance, and be equally good at acceleration, braking, grip, and turning. As you will soon see, that’s why the Camaro ZL1 will set the performance benchmark for the segment.

Our approach was to make every Camaro ZL1 fully track-capable, from the factory. As we announced today, the ZL1 Coupe will start at $54,995 with standard Magnetic Ride Control, standard Performance Traction Management, and standard track-capable equipment such as a rear-differential cooler, brake cooling ducts, and an engine and transmission cooler.

None of our customers will have to buy extra options – or modify their ZL1 – for track-day usage. That is not the case for the current GT500, or their new car.

For Mustang fans, you’re welcome. Clearly the Camaro has encouraged Ford to throw everything they can at us.

For Camaro fans, trust me, we are always listening to your feedback, and working hard to keep the Camaro in the lead.

Al O.

Camaro ZL1 by the Numbers

DETROIT – The 2012 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Coupe accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 3.9 seconds,  and can reach a top speed of 184 mph. Starting at $54,095, including Performance Traction Management and Magnetic Ride  suspension,  the ZL1 delivers supercar levels of performance and technology for the price of a sports car. “From the original Camaro to the current Corvette ZR1, Chevrolet has a long history of delivering world-class cars that outperformed competitors at several times the price,” said Chris Perry, vice president, global Chevrolet marketing and strategy. “The ZL1 is no exception. There are very few cars at any price that can match the power, features, and track-capability of the Camaro ZL1.”

The Camaro ZL1 Coupe features a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $54,095, excluding delivery fees and taxes. For that price, the ZL1 compares favorably to much more expensive cars:

Base Price Horsepower Torque Magnetic Ride
Camaro ZL1 $54,095 580 556 Standard
Audi R8 GT $196,800 560 398 Standard
Maserati GranTurismo $122,800 405 339 Not Available
Mercedes SLS AMG $185,750 565 479 Not Available

Supercar Performance

The heart of the Camaro ZL1 is a supercharged 6.2L engine is SAE-rated at 580 horsepower (432 kW) and 556 lb.-ft. of torque (754 Nm). – making it the most-powerful production Camaro ever. The LSA features a Roots-style blower with an efficient four-lobe rotor set and compact intercooler The ZL1 also features a  standard dual-mode exhaust system, with vacuum-actuated valves in the exhaust pipes for a refined exhaust note  at low speeds as well as a free-flowing system for peak performance. Power is delivered to the rear wheels through either a six-speed manual or automatic transmission. With either transmission, the Camaro ZL1 delivers performance that rivals some of the world’s fastest supercars:

Manual Automatic
0 – 60 mph (from rolling start) 4.0 seconds 3.9 seconds
1/4-mile (from a rolling start) 12.1 sec at 119 mpg 12.0 sec at 119 mpg
Top speed 180 mph 184 mph
Max lateral grip 1.0 g 1.0 g

“With 0 to 60 taking less than four seconds, the acceleration of the ZL1 is just awesome,” said Al Oppenheiser, Camaro chief engineer, “but horsepower is only half of the story. The ZL1’s most significant measurement of  performance is lapping the Nurburgring in 7:41.27. That’s astounding for a 2+2 coupe, and a great testament to the acceleration, braking, grip, and balance of the Camaro ZL1. It is the well-rounded performance of the Camaro ZL1 that will set the bar for the sports-car segment.”

Exclusive, track-capable technologies 

To deliver that well-rounded performance, the Camaro ZL1 comes standard with several track capable technologies  that are exclusive to the sports car segment. For example, the Camaro ZL1 is the first sports car to feature the third-generation of Magnetic Ride. This advanced suspension system employs valve-less damping and  Magneto-Rheological (MR) fluid technology to varies the suspension firmness to match the road and driving conditions. “Traditional suspension systems at some point   compromise ride quality for road-holding grip and  body control,” said Oppenheiser. “With Magnetic Ride Control, we can offer customers the best of both worlds: A comfortable ride that makes the ZL1 appropriate as a daily driver and the incredibly precise  body control that takes the ZL1 so enjoyable on the track.” Also standard on the Camaro ZL1 is Performance Traction Management (PTM), which is exclusive to General Motors. First introduced on the Corvette ZR1, PTM is an advanced system that integrates magnetic ride control, launch control, traction control, electronic stability control and electric power steering response to enhance performance. For example, the launch control feature (manual transmission only) automatically modulates engine torque for the best-possible acceleration without excessive wheel spin. When the driver pushes the throttle to the floor, the system holds a predetermined engine speed until the driver releases the clutch. Then, the system modulates engine torque 100 times per second to maximize the available traction. Similarly, on a road course, the driver can apply full throttle when exiting a corner and PTM will automatically manage acceleration dynamics to maximize exit speed based on available traction. In addition, the Camaro ZL1 has been engineered to be track-capable from the factory, including a rear-differential cooler, an integrated engine- and transmission-oil cooler, and brake cooling ducts as standard equipment. As such, the ZL1 offers many technologies and features not available on the Ford Shelby GT500:

Camaro ZL1 GT500
Magnetic Ride Standard Not available
Performance Traction Management Standard Not available
Factory engine and transmission coolers Standard Dealer-installed option
Factory brake cooling ducts Standard Dealer-installed option
Factory rear differential cooler Standard Dealer-installed option

Additional features and options  

The interior of the Camaro ZL1 features standard leather seating surfaces with suede microfiber inserts, and  heated, powered-adjustable front seats. Standard technologies include a nine-speaker Boston Acoustics® audio  system; USB and Bluetooth connectivity; and rear-park assist with a rear-view camera display integrated in the center rear-view mirror.

The Camaro ZL1 is available with six options:
  • Six-speed automatic transmission with TapShift controls is $1,185
  • 20-inch, bright aluminum wheel package is $470
  • Power sunroof is $900
  • Stripe package is $470
  • Exposed-weave carbon fiber hood insert is $600
  • The suede package, including sueded microfiber accents on the steering wheel, shift knob, and shift boot is $500
The Camaro ZL1 Coupe will go on sale in the spring of 2012, as a 2012 model. The Camaro ZL1 Convertible will go  on sale in the summer of 2012, as a 2013 model. Pricing for the Camaro ZL1 Convertible will be announced later.

Camaro Aces NHTSA Crash Test Ratings

Is the 2012 Chevrolet Camaro the safest car on the planet?  Maybe so.

What comes to mind when you think of Camaro?  Performance, history, popularity? Same here.  Recently the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ran the 2012 Chevy Camaro through the barrage of safety tests.  Little did they know the end result would be the Camaro scoring a perfect five star rating!

That isn't really news as many other vehicles end up with a five star rating, but the Camaro is the only one to do it in all six categories (front barrier crash test ratings for the driver and passenger, side crash ratings for the driver and passenger, a rollover rating and the vehicle's overall rating).

Hats off to the people that make up Chevrolet's engineering center for this accomplishment!  Thank you or bringing us one of the coolest cars on the road and keeping us safe in the process!

Hot Wheels Camaro® Concept die cast collectible

Are you a Hot Wheels Collector Club member? If not, you might want to be...

Chevrolet® designers and Hot Wheels unveiled the 1:1 scale Hot Wheels Camaro® Concept debuted at the 2011 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Now it's your turn for a little wish-fulfillment: just be here on Tuesday, November 15th at 9:00 AM PT when the RLC window of opportunity opens on the 1:64 scale Hot Wheels Camaro® Concept!

In a case of life imitating toys then toys imitating life, the 1:1 scale Hot Wheels Camaro® Concept was inspired by the Custom Camaro® 1:64-scale toy that was part of the original 16 Hot Wheels cars released in 1968, which in turn inspired the 1:64 Hot Wheels Camaro® Concept you see before you. (For all the details on the development of the 1:1 vehicle, click here.) Like the original 1968 1:64 version and the 2011 1:1 version, this one is gets a gorgeous green finish. It features authentic logos and a license plate commemorating "SEMA 11," all sitting on a full-metal, matte black chassis. It's features like these that make this cool custom a most-wanted for both Camaro® and Hot Wheels collectors alike:
  • Spectraflame green finish
  • Black stripe deco and authentic logos
  • Thin five-spoke wheels w/red foil lip
  • Full-metal, matte black chassis
  • Light smoke tint windshield
  • Gray Interior

Nestled safely inside an acrylic case featuring both the Hot Wheels and Chevrolet® logos, and the vehicle name, the Hot Wheels Camaro® Concept can be yours for just $19.99 plus S&P (shipping & processing) each. There is a purchase limit of TWO vehicles per RLC membership on the first day of availability. If quantities remain after the RLC 24-hour Priority Window, it will be available for purchase by all basic HWC memberships, with a purchase limit of two vehicles per membership during the second day of the sale.

Offers available to RLC members only for a
24-hour Priority Window: 11/15/11, 9:00 AM PT

Any remaining quantities available to
ALL HWC members: 11/16/11, 9:00 AM PT

Images and information from

SEMA Hot Wheels edition Camaro

I think most of us have had a few Hot Wheels cars in our day. I've limited my collection to '67 Camaro variations and have a few 2010+ Camaros as well.  It appears Chevrolet will be unveiling a few new specail editon Camaros in the next coming weeks. One of which is the Hot Wheels edition that debuted on SEMA-eve.

Paying homage to the original Anti-freeze green 1967 Custom Camaro that hit stores in 1968, I can't wait to hear more about his car!

Are  you at SEMA this week? Let us know what you think about the new Camaros.


LAS VEGAS – Fulfilling the wish of every child who has ever played with one, Chevrolet and Hot Wheels® have created a life-size Hot Wheels Camaro Concept. The car debuted at the 2011 SEMA Show – the aftermarket industry’s premier display of automotive toys.

The Camaro Hot Wheels concept is inspired by the “Custom Camaro” – the dazzling Spectraflame® 1:64-scale toy that was part of the original 16 Hot Wheels cars released in 1968. The project was a collaborative effort between the General Motors Design studio in Michigan and the Hot Wheels Design studio in California. Each sketched its own ideas of a life-size Hot Wheels Camaro, compared notes and refined their visions until the concept hit the right note for each group of designers.

“The Camaro has been a mainstay in the Hot Wheels lineup since 1968,” said Phil Zak, GM design director. “Several generations of car enthusiasts grew up playing with Hot Wheels Camaros, while dreaming of driving the real thing, so this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make that dream a reality.”
There was a similar buzz of excitement in the Hot Wheels studio.

“The Hot Wheels and Camaro brands have been paired together since their inception,” said Felix Holst, vice president of design for the Mattel Wheels Division. “As part of the brands historic sweet 16, the Camaro was the first Hot Wheels car ever produced. The Spectraflame paint and redline tires of those first Hot Wheels cars have been the dreams of guys for generations, and it was thrilling to inject these elements into a Camaro for real.”

The synergistic project created a car that is instantly identifiable as a Camaro with styling cues – including flat-black graphics, red-line wheels and, of course, the dazzling metallic-green finish – that are classic Hot Wheels.

The original Hot Wheels cars debuted with their metallic Spectraflame paint finishes, and the Camaro Hot Wheels Concept features a brilliant, chrome-style finish created in a similar manner: a tinted top coat over a shiny base.

In the case of the original Hot Wheels lineup, the process involved polishing the die-cast metal vehicle bodies and applying a metallic lacquer to them. With the Camaro Hot Wheels Concept, the process was decidedly more complicated.

“We are always looking for innovative ideas and processes that push the boundaries of design – including paint finishes – and the Hot Wheels concept definitely stretched our team to the limit,” said Zak. “They had to essentially invent a new way to paint the car.”

The reflective finish was created using Gold Touch Inc.’s Cosmichrome product, starting with the application of a primer coat on an immaculately prepared surface. The primer coat was then sprayed with a liquid-metal solution to create the mirror-smooth, silver-chrome base coat. Afterward, the green tint was applied in several layers until the just-right color effect was achieved.

“It may sound pretty straightforward, but no one had ever tried using this process to paint a whole car,” said Zak. “The bodywork and paint team experimented with several processes before spraying the first body panel. There were so many variables that contributed to getting the finish perfect, from the drying time to the air pressure of the spray guns – none of which was known before this project – and the team absolutely nailed it perfectly.”

Additional features of the Camaro Hot Wheels Concept include:

  • Over Chrome Green paint with ghosted Hot Wheels logo on the quarter panels
  • Satin black ground effects (splitter, rocker and rear fascia-side extensions)
  • Satin black wheels with milled face and Torch Red stripe: 20x10-inch (front) and 20x11-inch (rear)
  • ZL1 grille with Hot Wheels badging
  • Hot Wheels badge on the decklid
  • Euro-style taillamps with new inner smoked lens
  • Euro-style rear fascia with new diffuser and exhaust bezels
  • ZL1 rear spoiler
  • Chevrolet Accessories Modified Satin Black Stripe
  • Black aluminum “CAMARO” fender badges with milled face
  • Black aluminum hood insert with milled hood vent extractors
  • Chevrolet Accessories Synergy Series gill decals
  • Black leather-wrapped  IP and door inserts with Torch Red accents, and cut-and-sew flames
  • Hot Wheels sill plates
  • Hot Wheels cut-and-sew embroidered logos in the front seatbacks
  • Chevrolet Accessories pedal kit
  • Chevrolet Accessories footwell and cup holder lighting (red)
  • Brembo brakes: six-piston front with two-piece rotors and four-piston calipers (Chevrolet Official Licensed Product)
  • Suspension lowering kit by Pedders (Chevrolet Official Licensed Product)
  • Chevrolet Accessories strut tower brace
  • Chevrolet Accessories black engine cover
  • Chevrolet Accessories exhaust system
  • Under the hood is the all-aluminum 6.2L LS3 V-8 backed by the Tremec TR6060 six-speed manual transmission.
Collector’s model

Hot Wheels will offer a collector’s edition 1:64-scale model based on the full-size Concept.  Purchase information is available at, as well as the Hot Wheels and Chevrolet Camaro Facebook pages.

It will be the 18th 1:64-scale Hot Wheels Camaro model produced since 1968, all with a variety of colors and configurations. During the past 44 years, literally millions of Hot Wheels Camaro models have been produced.

The original Custom Camaro from 1968 remains one of the most valuable Hot Wheels toys among collectors. That year, Hot Wheels produced all the Custom Camaro models with Spectraflame paint – except for one version in white enamel.

Today, examples of the Spectraflame Custom Camaro in excellent condition can sell for $150 or more. Only 15 white enamel versions are known to exist, and none are in their original packages.

“The value of a white enamel Custom Camaro is upwards of $3,000,” said Holst. “But if one still existed in the package, the value could be tens of thousands of dollars.”

Dealer information released: 2012 Camaro ZL1

Chevrolet dealers have recieved official Chevrolet information about the 2012 Camaro ZL1. Camaro enthusiast and Chevy salesperson, Anna Bearinger, from Sparta Chevrolet in Michigan provides the details below;


Wheelbase - 112.3
Length - 190.4
Height - 54.2
Front Track - 63.7
Rear Track - 63.7

Weight - 4,120 pound  (around 300 more than Camaro SS)
Weight distribution: 51/49

Compression ratio 9.1:1

HP 580 (427) @ 6000 SAE certified
Torque 556 (754) @ 4200 SAE certified

Exhaust - Cast stainless steel (exhaust manifolds), stainless steel with active valves and quad 3.5" bright tips


Ashen Gray
Imperial Blue Metallic
Inferno Orange Metallic
Rally Yellow
Silver Ice Metallic
Summit White
Victory Red
Crystal Red Tintcoat


ZL1 offers two 20-inch wheel options, both tested and engineered to the highest standards.

The first wheel option is a 10-spoke design

Standard 10-spoke wheel is black with a low-gloss clear coat, forged alum and has the CAMARO logo.
The other wheel option is a 5-spoke design:

Forged Aluminum 5-spoke 20-inch wheels (20" x 10" front / 20" x 11" rear)
Polished face with a high-gloss clearcoat.
These wheels are 11 lbs lighter than the current 2SS model wheels.


Forged aluminum wheels (as listed above)
Exposed weave Carbon Fiber hood insert (option). ** Standard insert is painted black
Power Sunroof (option)
Stripe package (option)

Six speed manual is standard
Six-speed automatic with TAPshift steering wheel controls is optional.

Leather wrapped steering wheel and shift knob - standard
Sueded microfiber interior package


Four-pack auxiliary guages (with boost readout)

Also- Standard...

Alloy pedal covers
6-way power driver and passenger seats
Heated leather high-performance seats with microfiber suede inserts
ZL1 sill plates

Bluetooth for select phones
Boston Acoustics premium nine-speaker system
Rear camera display in mirror
Rear park assist
USB port
PDIM (Preferred Device Interface Module)
XM Satellite with 3 trial months

Camaro ZL1: Most Powerful Chevrolet Convertible Ever

DETROIT – Chevrolet announced today the brand’s most-powerful convertible ever – the 2013 Camaro ZL1 – will debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show next month. When it goes on sale in late 2012, it will deliver more performance and technology than many exotic cars and ultra-luxury convertibles.

“The Camaro ZL1 convertible will be one of the most powerful and most capable, convertibles available at any price,” said Al Oppenheiser, Camaro chief engineer. “This is a car that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face every time you drop the top – or hit the gas.”

Like the coupe, the Camaro ZL1 convertible features a supercharged 6.2L “LSA” engine, SAE-rated at 580 horsepower (432 kW) and 556 lb.-ft. of torque (754 Nm). That’s enough to exceed the output of 2+2 convertibles of many performance icons, including:
  • 2012 Aston Martin DB9 Volante – 470 hp / 443 lb.-ft.
  • 2012 Mercedes SL63 AMG – 518 hp / 465 lb.-ft.
  • 2011 Porsche 911 Turbo S – 530 hp / 516 lb.-ft.
  • 2011 Ford Shelby GT500 – 550 hp / 510 lb.-ft.
The Camaro ZL1 convertible’s power is complemented by advanced powertrain and chassis technologies designed to deliver exceptional performance on the road or track. In fact, it’s the same balance of acceleration, handling and ride quality that enabled a Camaro ZL1 coupe recently to lap the Nürburgring’s Nordschleife course in 7:41.27 minutes.

From Day One, the architecture for the fifth-generation Camaro was designed to accommodate a convertible model, which gives the ZL1 convertible coupe-like driving dynamics. Four strategic reinforcements enhance the already-stiff body structure to quell the cowl and steering wheel shake common in convertibles. They include:
  • A tower-to-tower brace under the hood
  • A transmission support reinforcement brace
  • Underbody tunnel brace
  • Front “X” brace and stiffer cradle as well as rear underbody “V” braces

Additional structural reinforcements in the ZL1 convertible are designed to improve noise and vibration characteristics, while also reducing unwanted ride and body motions. They include a hydroformed tube in the A-pillars, an inner reinforcement bracket in the windshield header, a reinforced front hinge pillar and reinforcements inside the rockers.

The suspension of the ZL1 convertible uses the third-generation of Magnetic Ride. New, twin-wire/dual-coil dampers at all four corners enable faster response, with damping levels now adjusted up to 1,000 times per second – about one adjustment per inch of vehicle travel at 60 mph – making the system exceptionally responsive to changing driving and road conditions.

The Camaro ZL1 convertible will also offer Performance Traction Management as standard equipment, which is exclusive to General Motors. First introduced on the Corvette ZR1, it is an advanced system that integrates magnetic ride control, launch control, traction control and electronic stability control, to enhance both launch-acceleration performance and corning.

The result is a convertible designed to preserve nearly all the acceleration, road-holding and performance capabilities of the Camaro ZL1 coupe, which goes on sale in early 2012.

Camaro is 45 years old

September 29, 1966. Chevrolet showrooms are graced with the presence of the 1967 Chevrolet Camaro. My father worked at Dick Shalla Chevrolet on Harper in Detroit, Michigan at the time. With the market buzzing about the new Chevy Camaro, he ordered one for my mother. 1967 Camaro with a small block V8 and an automatic transmission was on the way. 

Shortly after placing the order, Shalla Chevrolet gets word of the L78 SS availability. Being an avid local drag racer, my father changes the order to one of 1,138 1967 Camaro RS/SS L78 4 speed car. It was clear this wasn't going to by my mothers car after that. One of the first L78 Camaros produced, within weeks the motor was out, cam was swapped and the motor was balanced. A local artist letters up the car and it is ready for the local racing scene.

Within a few years, the car is sold without the motor or transmission. Over the next 20 years it changed hands one more time, is tubbed and a 12 point roll cage is installed. 

During the 1989 Detroit Autorama, dad and I  stumble upon the old Camaro. We keep in touch with the owner and eventually buy the car back. Thankfully the owner had the foresight to keep the original black bucket seats and fold down rear seat and all exterior chrome trim.  

Thanks to a friend and local fabricator, the car has had the floors returned to the stock configuration and the roll bar is gone. The car sits for long periods between restoration efforts.Hopefully we will return the Camaro to it's original glory very soon and it will be back where it belongs, roaming the streets of the Metro Detroit area.

Happy 45th Birthday Camaro. That is our story, what's yours?

Camaro Drag Pack car headed to SEMA?

Word on the street (by street we mean internet) is that GM will unveil a 'Drag Pack' edition of the Chevrolet Camaro at SEMA in Las Vegas in November. With the Ford Mustang Cobra Jet and the Dodge Challenger Drag Pack cars already in owners hands for some time, GM is late to the party.

With the selection available from the GM Performance Parts catalog, we have no doubt a Stock Eliminator version of the Camaro will have plenty of power under the hood. With the power train and chassis options, will it be enough to complete the 1320 quicker than the lighter Mustang CJ? Time will tell. Stay tuned for more information.

Don Baskin NMCA Pro Stock 2010 Camaro drag car

OnStar Reverses Decision to Change Terms and Conditions

If you have a new Camaro, you have OnStar. This has caused quite a stir on the internet this past week.Many automotive based forums have gone so far as to create DIY threads on how to disconnect the service completely. It looks like the people have spoken, or OnStar planned this all along. Maybe some strange marketing ploy? We'll see.

DETROIT – OnStar announced today it is reversing its proposed Terms and Conditions policy changes and will not keep a data connection to customers’ vehicles after the OnStar service is canceled.

OnStar recently sent e-mails to customers telling them that effective Dec. 1, their service would change so that data from a customer vehicle would continue to be transmitted to OnStar after service was canceled – unless the customer asked for it to be shut off.

“We realize that our proposed amendments did not satisfy our subscribers,” OnStar President Linda Marshall said. “This is why we are leaving the decision in our customers’ hands. We listened, we responded and we hope to maintain the trust of our more than 6 million customers.”

If OnStar ever offers the option of a data connection after cancellation, it would only be when a customer opted-in, Marshall said. And then OnStar would honor customers’ preferences about how data from that connection is treated.

Maintaining the data connection would have allowed OnStar to provide former customers with urgent information about natural disasters and recalls affecting their vehicles even after canceling their service. It also would have helped in planning future services, Marshall said.

“We regret any confusion or concern we may have caused,” Marshall said.

One and only 2012 Camaro ZL1 in Carbon Flash Metallic

Today, at the Barrett-Jackson Classic Car Auction in Las Vegas, NV, a very unique 2012 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 was was sold at auction (lot number 674.3). Rick Hendrick had the high bid of $250,000!

This particular model is the only 2012 Camaro ZL1 in Carbon Flash Metallic. It will also feature a VIN that honors the original ZL1’s – a VIN ending in 00069. Only 69 of those first ZL1’s were produced in the 1969 model year. All proceeds from the auction’s sale will benefit the YMCA of Southern Nevada.

Image: blackjackcamaro on Camaro5
The Barrett-Jackson Auction began on Thursday, September 22, 2011. As has been the tradition the last couple of years, the auction was covered live in primetime on the East Coast by SPEED TV. Since the ZL1 auction will be a centerpiece at this year’s Las Vegas auction, a new :30 second ad featuring the ZL1 will debut during SPEED’s three days coverage of the auction.

Image: blackjackcamaro on Camaro5
The point of the ad is to drive consumers to Once consumers arrive at the site, they will be able to view short films on two different development aspects of the new ZL1. These two new short films will be available on the website sometime during the afternoon of Thursday, September 22, 2011.

Image: blackjackcamaro on Camaro5
Look for further announcements and videos on the Camaro ZL1 in the coming weeks.

Camaro ZL1 Delivers 580 Horsepower!

Supercharged, 6.2L LSA V-8 delivers 580 horsepower (432 kW) and 556 lb.-ft. of torque (754 Nm)
ZL1 power complemented by exclusive Magnetic Ride Control and Performance Traction Management

Track-capable standard equipment includes high-performance fuel system, as well as engine, transmission and differential coolers

DETROIT – The 2012 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1’s supercharged 6.2L engine is SAE-rated at 580 horsepower (432 kW) and 556 lb.-ft. of torque (754 Nm) – making it the most-powerful production Camaro ever.

The ZL1’s outstanding power is complemented by advanced powertrain and chassis technologies, including exclusive Performance Traction Management and third-generation Magnetic Ride Control.

“The Camaro ZL1 delivers supercar performance and technology in the sports-car segment,” said Al Oppenheiser, Camaro chief engineer. “For sheer power, the ZL1 delivers more horsepower than a Ferrari 458, more torque than an Aston Martin DB9 V12, and a better power-to-weight ratio than a Porsche 911 Carrera GTS.

“The Camaro ZL1 also features exclusive chassis and traction technologies,” Oppenheiser said, “to offer the best of all worlds – including balanced handling for the track, acceleration for a drag strip, and the comfort of a daily driver.”

The most-powerful production Camaro ever.

The 2012 Camaro ZL1’s surpasses the advertised power of the legendary 1969 Camaro ZL1’s 427 cubic-inch big block by more than 150 horsepower (112 kW) – while meeting modern emissions requirements. And, the new ZL1 is backed by General Motors’ five-year / 100,000-mile powertrain warranty.

“The torque is going to make the ZL1 a car you won’t want to get out of,” said John Rydzewski, assistant chief engineer for small block engines. “Not only will the ZL1 have more power and torque than the competition, we’re making it available with an optional automatic transmission, to appeal to a wider group of sports car enthusiasts.”

The all-aluminum LSA supercharged V-8 is part of GM’s legendary small-block engine family. For a solid foundation, the engine’s lower end uses six-bolt main bearing caps that clamp and lock in the forged steel crankshaft to the deep-skirt block. Its 1.9L Roots-style blower uses an efficient four-lobe rotor set and compact intercooler to deliver boosted air into the high-flow cylinder heads.

For the Camaro ZL1, the LSA features a unique induction system, with a lower-restriction air filter, dual inlet paths, and improved airflow through the supercharger housing. Other changes include a higher-efficiency supercharger inter-cooler and electric power steering system, which consumes less engine power than hydraulic-steering systems.

The ZL1 will be offered with either a six-speed manual or automatic transmission. The Tremec TR-6060 “MG9” manual features 30 percent more torque capacity than in the Camaro SS. The higher torque capacity results from a strengthened output shaft, high-strength rear housing, and additional roller bearing. The MG9 has also been tuned for improved shift feel, with a dual-mass flywheel, twin-disc clutch, and triple synchros for smooth, precise shifts.

Similarly, the Hydra-Matic 6L90 automatic has been strengthened to handle the torque and horsepower produced by the 6.2L supercharged small block. The 6L90 features a strengthened input gearset with two additional pinion gears, additional clutch plate, and a strengthened output shaft and gearset. To make the ZL1 perform equally well on street and track, the 6L90 features three distinct drive modes:

  • Drive: The shift pattern is calibrated for optimal fuel economy, including second-gear starts, while the shift feel is tuned for a smooth driving experience. Engaging the tap-shift feature on the steering wheel or shift lever engages temporary manual mode.
  • Sport: The shift pattern is calibrated for more aggressive driving, including first-gear starts for maximum performance. The shift feel is also more aggressive, with a performance algorithm that holds the transmission in lower gears during aggressive driving.
  • Manual: Here, the 6L90 offers the driver true manual control, with no automatic up shifts, and staged upshifts for incredibly fast shifts and maximum performance.

Other track-ready features of the ZL1 include:
  • An engine-oil cooler, identical to the system on the Corvette ZR1. The integral liquid-to-liquid system is so effective that both the manual and automatic transmissions are deemed to be fully track-capable with the standard factory-installed cooling package.
  • A rear-differential cooler, which pumps transmission fluid to a heat exchanger, reduces temperatures in the differential by more than 100 F.
  • A high-performance fuel system delivers fuel to the LSA engine under any performance driving condition. For example, the system features additional fuel pickups on the primary side, and the secondary fuel pickup is moved outboard for continuous fuel access during high-g cornering under low fuel conditions.
  • Magnetic Ride Control 3.0 adjusts damping 1,000 times per second
  • The Camaro ZL1 will feature the third-generation of Magnetic Ride Control (MRC).

MRC employs valve-less damping and Magneto-Rheological (MR) fluid technology. MR fluid is a suspension of iron particles in a synthetic fluid. When the system is activated, the particles are magnetized and aligned into fibrous structures, changing flow resistance. By controlling the current to an electromagnetic coil inside the piston of the damper, the system varies the suspension firmness to match the road and driving conditions.

“Traditional suspension systems at some point compromise ride quality for road-holding grip and body control,” said Oppenheiser. “With Magnetic Ride Control, we can offer customers the best of both worlds: A comfortable ride that makes the ZL1 appropriate as a daily driver and the incredibly precise body control that makes the ZL1 so enjoyable on the track.”

For the third-generation, MRC uses new twin-wire/dual-coil dampers at all four corners. The smaller dual-coil system – with one coil at either end of the damper – replaces the larger single-core design of the previous generation.

The new design allows even more precise control of the electrical current (and magnetic flux), allowing greater range between the softest setting for ride comfort and the firmest setting for track driving. The new dual-coil design also enables faster response, with damping levels now adjusted up to 1,000 times per second – about one adjustment per inch of vehicle travel at 60 mph – making the system exceptionally responsive to changing driving and road conditions.

There are three settings for MRC in the ZL1: Tour, Sport, and Track.

Exclusive Performance Traction Management for the race course, and the drag strip

The Camaro ZL1 will also offer Performance Traction Management (PTM) as standard equipment, exclusive to General Motors. First introduced on the Corvette ZR1, PTM is an advanced system that integrates magnetic ride control, launch control, traction control and electronic stability control, to enhance performance on the racetrack and drag strip.

For example, the launch control feature (manual transmission only) automatically modulates engine torque for the best possible acceleration without excessive wheel spin. When the driver pushes the throttle to the floor, the system holds a predetermined engine speed until the driver releases the clutch. Then, the system modulates engine torque 100 times per second to maximize the available traction. The system is capable of approaching a skilled driver’s best effort and repeats it consistently.

Similarly, on a road course, the driver can apply full throttle when exiting a corner and PTM will automatically manage acceleration dynamics to maximize exit speed based on available traction.

Five PTM performance levels or modes are available to accommodate the given ambient and track conditions, driver experience/vehicle familiarity and driver comfort levels. They include:

Mode 1 – Traction control set for wet conditions, with stability control on and Magnetic Ride Control set on Tour.
Mode 2 – Traction control set for dry conditions, with stability control on and Magnetic Ride Control set on Tour.
Mode 3 – Traction control set on Sport 1, with stability control on and Magnetic Ride Control set on Sport.
Mode 4 – Traction control set on Sport 2, with stability control off and Magnetic Ride Control set on Sport.
Mode 5 – Traction control set on Race, with stability control off and Magnetic Ride Control set on Track.

Launch control tuned for VHT-prepped drag strips.

“Like the Magnetic Ride Control, the Performance Traction Management system improves the ZL1 experience as a daily driver and on the track,” said Oppenheiser. “By offering five distinct modes of traction management, the driver can select what’s best for them based on their experience and the driving conditions. As a result, novice drivers will find the ZL1 is very enjoyable to drive, while expert drivers will find PTM supplements their driving skill without interfering with their intentions.”

Camaro spontaneous airbag deployment?

Isolated incident? According to the information on youtube, this Camaro was doing donuts (they call it drifting...), and the airbags deployed...

Paul Beiswenger with Lopez Tires and A&D Autosport got a big surprise while drifting at Milan Dragway in Milan MI. The passenger suffered burns on her right arm.

Jalopnik reports they have a quote from GM spokesman Alan Adler regarding the issue:

It is unusual to have this occur. However, it is possible for a driver to create conditions where the air bag sensors believe a rollover is imminent. This can lead to an unwanted air bag deployment. On rollover side curtain bags, the vehicle's rollover sensing system is looking for a certain set of factors that "predict" a vehicle is going to roll over. The airbag system cannot wait until it is too late to deploy the airbags. Drifting or creating a situation that has a certain combination of speed and vehicle angle can lead to an unwanted air bag deployment.

The Special Edition Camaros

If you like Special Edition Camaros, you'll like this. Short & to the point. What is your favorite?

Rascal Flatts West Coast Customs T-Top Camaro

The Rascal Flatts have one song in particular that rings a bell, "Red Camaro". The band and West Coast Customs have teamed up to create a one-of-a-kind Camaro SS, in red of course.

Ryan Friedlinghau and the West Coast Customs crew are a TRUE custom shop. They create the vehicles that roll out of their shop. They have been featured on many TV shows as well as their own known as "Inside West Coast Customs" on Discovery HD.

What sets this Camaro apart from countless others is a gem of a feature from the Eighties, T-Tops. Other unique modifications include Swarovski crystal, Diamond Audio System, supercharger by Harrop, Pedders suspension & HRE 22" wheels.

Want to see more, visit West Coast Customs.

Image credit: Bill Bortzfield |

Camaros and Firebirds at Mid-Ohio


Saturday, September 17, 2011 at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course

Special pricing is available through Wednesday, 9/14/2011

Kids 12 and under free!

The $30 3-day weekend general admission ticket includes:
  • Special Infield Camaro & Firebird Corral Parking
  • Paddock (garage area) Pass
  • Parade Lap around race course (based on availability)
  • Meet & Greet with Camaro Drivers & Race Teams
  • Participant Goody Bags, Concessions & Souvenir Coupons
  • Special giveaway: $500 Escort Radar Detector Gift Certificate, Corsa Car Care Products ($135 value), Rolex Series Flags and more
Jeff Bucknum - #6 Camaro

Click HERE for the event flyer

For info contact: Chris & Sherry Slocum or call 330-899-0206

To order tickets, call 800-MID-OHIO or online

GM introduces the 2012 Camaro ZL1 at Oshawa gathering

GM choose one of the largest Camaro gatherings to introduce the 2012 Camaro ZL1 in person!

Chevrolet Chief Engineer, Al Oppenheiser, gives you an up close look at this beautiful car. The video below says it all.

Camaro Bumblebee Transformers Edition returns for 2012

The Chevrolet Camaro returns as the Autobot “Bumblebee” in Transformers: Dark of the Moon, which opens exclusively in 3D Tuesday and worldwide Wednesday. To celebrate, Chevrolet will offer a 2012 Transformers Special Edition Camaro Coupe to Bumblebee fans in the United States, Canada, China, Japan, Europe, South America, and the Middle East.

“The Transformers franchise has helped introduce Camaro – and Chevrolet – to a whole new generation of fans,” said Rick Scheidt, vice president of Chevrolet marketing. “Its role in the films helped make the Camaro the best-selling sports car in America, and one of the best-known cars of any kind around the world.”

The fifth-generation Camaro previously played Bumblebee in the 2007 film Transformers and in the 2009 film Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. The films generated $1.5 billion in global box-office sales, and helped reintroduce the Camaro to consumers after a seven-year hiatus from dealerships.

In 2009, the Camaro was the most-searched-for car on the web, according to Yahoo!Autos, even though the first models didn’t arrive at dealers until late that year. In 2010, the Camaro assumed leadership of the U.S. sports car market from the Ford Mustang for the first time in 24 years. This year, the Camaro continues to lead the segment, fueled by the introduction of the Camaro Convertible. Chevrolet has sold 40,275 Camaros this year, compared to the Mustang sales of 30,206.

That momentum is expected to accelerate early next year with the introduction of the 550-hp (405 kW) 2012 Camaro ZL1, as well as limited-edition models such as the Transformers Special Edition.

The 2012 Transformers Special Edition will be offered as a $3,000 package on 2LT and 2SS Camaro Coupes with Rally Yellow paint. In addition to the content offered in the popular RS appearance package, the Transformers edition will feature black rally stripes that stretch over the hood, roof, decklid and unique high-wing rear spoiler; 20-inch, black-painted wheels wrapped in high-performance summer tires; and Autobot Shield logos on the center caps and front quarter panels.

Inside, the Transformers Camaro has a black leather interior accented with yellow stitching on the instrument panel, center console, armrests and seats. Autobot Shield logos are embroidered on the front headrests, as well as the center console lid.

Two dealer-installed options are also available: exclusive, 21-inch, black-painted wheels and a black ground-effects package.

Customers may begin ordering the 2012 Transformers Special Edition Camaro in July, with vehicles arriving at dealers in the U.S. and Canada in September.

Chevrolet, MOFILM Global Film Search Offers Filmmakers a Road Trip to the Super Bowl

DETROIT - Chevrolet and MOFILM, a global creative community, are calling on filmmakers from around the world to create short films that capture the spirit of road trips. The best film will show as a 30-second spot during Super Bowl XLVI in 2012.

“Road trips provide stories of adventure and freedom -- no matter the road or country,” said Joel Ewanick, General Motors global chief marketing officer. “The Chevrolet Route 66 initiative creates a global community for people to express their universal passion for life’s journeys. Entries will be shared online and the very best will be air during the Super Bowl XLVI telecast next February.”

During Super Bowl XLV in January, Chevrolet‘s ad for the Camaro made history as the most-watched television advertisement of all time. Nielsen estimated that 119,638,000 people watched the “Miss Evelyn’s Wild Ride,” a Camaro ad featuring two guys narrating their vision of the perfect ad for America’s best-selling sports car. To date, the video has garnered more than 1 million views on YouTube.

From the classic Corvette featured in the 1960’s television series, “Route 66,” to the Camaro’s latest leading role in “Transformers: Dark of the Moon,” Chevrolet has played a major role in the history of TV and movies. As Chevy celebrates its centennial in 2011, it continues to make history by enabling consumers to film their own interpretation of Chevrolet and road trips.

Chevrolet and MOFILM have collaborated on previous initiatives in the U.S., India and Europe. Chevrolet Route 66 marks Chevrolet and MOFILM’s first global endeavor.

To enter the competition, participants can sign up to download a brief from Chevrolet at . The deadline for video submissions is 12:00 noon GMT, December 1, 2011.

Camaro number 5 Million leaves Oshawa Assembly

Total Camaro Production Hits 5 MILLION!

When the Camaro went on hiatus after the 2002 model year, a total of 4,774,156 Camaros had been built. This is the total production Camaros built in its four generations spanning from 1967 through 2002.

In March 2009, the Camaro returned to production marking the beginning of its 5th generation. Camaro needed only 225,844 units to hit the magic 5 Million number of total production.

Camaro's 2010 model year brought forth 129,405 units, bringing the grand total up to 4,903,561. In June 2010, production of the 2011 Camaro was underway - just 96,439 units to reach 5 Million.

Finally, on May 16, 2011, it happened! 2011 Camaro VIN sequence B9196439 roared to life at the General Motors assembly plant in Oshawa, Ontario. This beautiful Black Camaro is the 5 MILLIONTH CAMARO!

Thanks to Oshawa assembly and General Motors, has the details:
  • Camaro 1LS Coupe
  • Black Exterior
  • Black cloth interior
  • 312HP 3.6L SIDI VVT V6 Engine
  • 6-speed Manual Transmission
  • Premium Camaro Floor Mats
  • Compact Spare Wheel and Tire
  • Cargo Net
  • GM Dovetail Spoiler installed
  • MSRP $24,700

Image source:

It has been delivered to a dealer just outside Lexington, Kentucky and awaits its new owner.  Congratulations to GM, Chevrolet and Team Camaro!

Join the discussion TODAY at

WIN Dale Jr's own 2011 Camaro Convertible

MOORESVILLE, N.C. – Earlier this year Dale Earnhardt Jr. traveled to General Motors’ assembly plant in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, not only to take ownership of a brand new 2011 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible but also drive it off the line in grand debut of its heavily anticipated arrival. Amid cheering workers and flashing cameras, Earnhardt Jr. climbed behind the wheel of his victory-red Camaro with black rally stripes – only the third one ever made – and helped introduce it to a world ready to embrace the new style Camaro.

Image: General Motors

Now as part of a fundraising drive for The Dale Jr. Foundation, Earnhardt Jr. is giving away his 2011 Camaro Convertible with the purchase of a $25 raffle ticket at

2012 Camaro ZL1 gets Auto & PTM

During the GM Canada Oshawa homecoming event this past weekend, Camaro Chief Engineer Al Oppenheiser had a few things to say about the Camaro ZL1. We are told the next GM super car will inherit the Performance Traction Management System (PTM), currently available on the Corvette ZR1. This advanced suspension system features launch control and an adjustable high tech suspension system. This is the same system that helped the ZR1 break American records at Nürburgring and it will now be available on the "Poor man's Corvette" otherwise known as the Camaro!

source: Motor Trend

The other news? Just that the ZL1 Camaro will be available with an automatic transmission. 30 years ago this would have been unheard of, but with the advancements in automatic transmission technology, this is very welcome news. Performance wise, this will appeal to a slightly larger audience and allow for more consistent performance for those who will actually treat their Camaro ZL1 to a little track time now and then. 

source: Car & Driver

GM Canada Camaro Homecoming World Record Setting Mosaic

Assembling 587 Camaros in a parking lot across the street from where the current fifth-generation model is built, General Motors Canada set a Guinness World Record for the largest car mosaic. OK, technically speaking the record has yet to be confirmed by the folks at Guinness but they’re probably just out having a pint, and when they get back from an extra-long Friday lunch the mosaic (a Chevy bowtie no less), is certain to oust Volkswagen Brazil’s 413 car mosaic, spelling out “Gol” – to celebrate the 30th anniversary of that car.

The gathering of so many Camaros is part of the Camaro Homecoming, organized by GM Canada and the Ontario Camaro Club to help celebrate the car’s 45th anniversary, as well as the 23rd annual Ontario Camaro Nationals. Drawing owners from across that country to the Oshawa, Ontario plant, owners arrived from all over the U.S as well, with plenty driving from Michigan, as well as from as far away as New Orleans and Texas.

Running all weekend, GM opened up the Camaro plant to attendees today, and estimated that they expect from 5,000 to 6,000 individuals to take part in the tour over the course of the day.

Browse through our gallery of photos from the meet today, showing many of the cars from the mosaic, as well as numerous other special edition models and concepts.

Chevy Camaro as Bumblebee in Getaway commercial

Once again, the Chevrolet commercials known as the Transformers series is coming to theaters. With Transformers 3 (Dark of the Moon) only weeks away, Chevrolet's most recent television commercial stars Bumblebee, the Camaro with the split personality.

'Getaway' is part Camaro ad, part T3 trailer. We love the ZL1 look that debuted in Transformers 2 (Revenge of the Fallen) in 2009, glad to see the design carry over in T3.

Look for Transformers 3 in theaters June 29th.

Image Source: Jalopnik

CDC Sport Bar for the 2011 Camaro

Classic Design Concepts, a leading innovator in the world of aftermarket and OEM products for American automobiles, released its latest addition for the fifth generation Camaro, the new CDC Sport Bar. Designed specifically for the 2011 Camaro Convertible, the Sport Bar functions as a stylish and unique feature to the vehicle and maintains the irresistible appeal of an original factory option. Because of the Sport Bar's ability to blend perfectly with the rest of the car, it appeals to Camaro owners and enthusiasts.

"We designed the Camaro Sport Bar to complement the lines on the vehicle," explained George Huisman, CDC founder and CEO. "We used our proven manufacturing process and came up with a design that's uniquely Camaro." 

The convertible top remains operational with the CDC Sport Bar in place and maintains a distance of 3/4 inch clearance, allowing the driver to open or close the top effortlessly.

Inside every CDC Sport Bar is a 1.25 inch tubular, high-strength steel surrounded by CDC's solid urethane foam encasing. The patent pending bracket system is E-coated steel and mounts directly to the metal structure of the vehicle B-pillar.

The CDC Sport Bar is finished in first quality, high grade vinyl from the General Motors original equipment supplier, allowing for the proper match of both color and grain. The product is currently available in Chevrolet black. However, the options for Gray, Beige, Inferno Orange, Carbon Fiber and other custom colors will be available in the future.

All CDC bars are manufactured at the headquarters in Novi, Mich., allowing CDC the opportunity to provide a multitude of color options. Camaro Sport Bars are a restyling product and are not intended for roll-over protection.

The 2011 Convertible Camaro Sport Bar is currently in stock at CDC and fits both V6 and V8 models. Chevrolet dealers now have the option to offer the Sport Bar to current and future Camaro Convertible owners. CDC Sport Bars are available from Authorized Installers and Warehouse Distributors.

With an abundance of locations where the Sport Bar will be available, customers have the option to equip their Camaro convertible with this outstanding product as soon as they purchase the car itself. With the Sport Bar's clean and pronounced appearance, this product will be a popular option for Camaro convertible owners looking to get the most out of their new Chevy. As the popularity of the Camaro Convertible continues to accelerate, owners will appreciate the opportunity to differentiate their vehicle from the ordinary by driving a vehicle equipped with the CDC Sport Bar.

Detroit Area Chevrolet Dealership George Matick has worked with CDC by providing vehicles during the development and prove out process.

After having the opportunity to review the final design of an installed Camaro Sport Bar, Sales Manager Pat Woolworth stated that "the Sport Bar looks like a natural complement to the vehicle, and I expect that we'll have success upgrading Camaro Convertible with this product. It looks great in our showroom with the top down, allowing our customers to inquire about adding it during the sales process."

About Classic Design Concepts
Classic Design Concepts is a premier manufacturer of automotive parts for American performance cars and trucks. The company has been an innovator in the design engineering and manufacturing of quality systematic restyling, power enhancing and handling components for enthusiasts and OEMs for decades. CDC prides itself on providing the enthusiast with cutting edge style and unsurpassed quality. For more information about CDC, visit or call (866) 624-7997.

GM: Extreme Testing Verifies Top Quality for Camaro Convertible

Built to last a lifetime and look great for the entire ride

INDIANAPOLIS – When the Chevrolet Camaro Convertible sets the pace for the 2011 Indianapolis 500 this Sunday, it will showcase a top built to last a lifetime, operate worry-free and maintain the appearance of its Coupe sibling.

To assure long-term durability, the convertible top underwent extensive testing during development, being opened and closed more than 22,500 times – three times more than would be expected in a typical 10 years of use. Some of those cycles were performed in extreme conditions; temperatures ranging from minus-22° F to 170° F and humidity of up to 95 percent.

“This past winter we even had our engineers driving 80 of these convertibles back and forth to work every day here in Michigan,” said Al Oppenheiser, Camaro chief engineer. “They had to open and close the top five times each day no matter what the weather was like.”

Every Camaro Convertible undergoes a water test as it completes assembly in Oshawa, Ontario. In addition, vehicles are randomly chosen   to undergo an eight-minute water test at the assembly facility in Oshawa and at an identical facility at the GM Proving Ground in Milford, Michigan.  More than 7,200 gallons of water are hurled at the car in a hurricane-like downpour at a pace of 900 gallons per minute.

Addressing another aspect of interior comfort, Camaro Convertible’s three-layer top includes an acoustical liner made of rubber sandwiched between an acrylic square weave outer fabric and an inner reinforcing cotton layer. Engineers use a sophisticated human-ear mimicking device called the Aachen Head to measure noise levels. According to recent GM road test data, the Camaro Convertible achieved a better interior quietness acoustical rating than the Ford Mustang in interior quietness.

“For many buyers, a Camaro Convertible can be a collector car, something they might keep for generations. So we made sure the tops would retain their quality for a long, long time,” said Oppenheiser. “There is great value in a convertible with the original top.” Oppenheiser knows the needs for car collectors well. He personally restored a 1969 Camaro Convertible several years ago.

Consistent with its coupe-like performance dynamics, the Camaro Convertible offers the looks of the Camaro Coupe when the top is up. The five bow roof design provides a smooth, taut and carefully tailored appearance that retains the sleek roofline of the coupe.

Unlike other convertible models in the segment, the Camaro top latches with a single, convenient handle located at the center of the windshield header. Once the latch is turned to the open position, the push of a single button lowers the windows and activates the top, which completes its cycle in about 20 seconds.

To learn more about the extreme measures employed by Camaro Convertible engineers to verify quality and durability, watch the video below.

Source: Chevrolet Media