Camaro is 45 years old

September 29, 1966. Chevrolet showrooms are graced with the presence of the 1967 Chevrolet Camaro. My father worked at Dick Shalla Chevrolet on Harper in Detroit, Michigan at the time. With the market buzzing about the new Chevy Camaro, he ordered one for my mother. 1967 Camaro with a small block V8 and an automatic transmission was on the way. 

Shortly after placing the order, Shalla Chevrolet gets word of the L78 SS availability. Being an avid local drag racer, my father changes the order to one of 1,138 1967 Camaro RS/SS L78 4 speed car. It was clear this wasn't going to by my mothers car after that. One of the first L78 Camaros produced, within weeks the motor was out, cam was swapped and the motor was balanced. A local artist letters up the car and it is ready for the local racing scene.

Within a few years, the car is sold without the motor or transmission. Over the next 20 years it changed hands one more time, is tubbed and a 12 point roll cage is installed. 

During the 1989 Detroit Autorama, dad and I  stumble upon the old Camaro. We keep in touch with the owner and eventually buy the car back. Thankfully the owner had the foresight to keep the original black bucket seats and fold down rear seat and all exterior chrome trim.  

Thanks to a friend and local fabricator, the car has had the floors returned to the stock configuration and the roll bar is gone. The car sits for long periods between restoration efforts.Hopefully we will return the Camaro to it's original glory very soon and it will be back where it belongs, roaming the streets of the Metro Detroit area.

Happy 45th Birthday Camaro. That is our story, what's yours?

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