2007 Eyes on Design

Earlier this month was the Annual Eyes on Design show near Detroit, Michigan

Held on the grounds of the Henry Ford Estate, this scenic backdrop had some of the finest cars around on display, including a suprise appearance by the Camaro Convertible

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Here is a sample

Will people buy the new Camaro?

Source: The American Spectator - Eric Peters

Automotive journalists, bloggers and others have expressed great enthusiasm for the revived Camaro sports couple that GM plans to bring back to market sometime in mid-late 2008. Packing at least 400 horses in Z28 form and with hunky-looking retro-'60s sheetmetal, it's easy enough to understand the excitement.

But liking the car and buying the car are two very different things. GM may be in for a rude surprise -- and left holding the bag (again).

Consider it. I very much like Ferraris. But unless my financial situation changes for the better considerably, all my lust will never translate into an F430 parked in my driveway.

Now granted, the new Camaro is no six-figure Ferrari. But it is a double-digit gas pig. That comes with the big V-8 (and big V-6, in base models) under its hood. With gas cresting $3 per gallon, topping off the 20-something gallon tank of a V-8 muscle car will run you about $70. And that will last you about a week, maybe. So $300 bucks per month for fuel.

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