Greenlight Camaro Convertibles coming soon! is working with Greenlight to bring you a 1:64 scale die cast Camaro Concept Convertible with a 1969 Pace Car paint scheme

I have already pre-ordered my copy, take a look at their site and order yours today, supplies are limited and going quick!

* Limited to 1,500 pieces
* Each one individually serial numbered
* Custom car design and wheels
* Special CamaroZ28.Com graphics, text, etc. on both sides of the packaging, including matching trading card
* Special CZ28PACE license plate on the cars themselves
* Officially Licensed by GM!

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Camaro Mule car spotted again


An Australia native spotted this VE Commodore-come-Monaro in traffic on a Melbourne street not too long ago and submitted it to

The real deal - Corvette ZR1

Looking at the picture below (originally posted by Loggins on it shows the clear section in the hood that we've specualted about covered in camo tape from the outside.

See this and more pics of the car from Laguna Seca here

Yellow Corvette at Laguna Seca

Was this a Corvette ZR1 at Laguna Seca this past week?
Take a close look at the two pictures below, the hood seems to be the same used on the current C6 Corvette, no sign of a hood bulge. Is GM toying with the media?

Look at the previously leaked images below, it does appear there is a buldge on the ZR1 hood

The image below is a C6 Z06 - that shot looks very similar to the Yellow car at Laguna Seca with the camo tape...

Corvette ZR1 at Laguna Seca?

As posted on

The blogosphere is blowing up this morning with word that GM has a prototype of its upcoming 2009 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 in Monterey, California for the last race of the Amercian Le Mans Series season at Laguna Seca Raceway. Even juicier is the rumor that the ZR1 will be doing demonstration laps at some point over the weekend. If that's the case, it should be quite a show, as the ZR1 is slated to produce some 650 horsepower

There is also a video posted on

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2007 Transformers DVD gift pack

Check out this TRANSFORMERS DVD movie gift pack on ebay this week.
Set included the 2-disc set TRANSFORMERS 2007 feature presentation and Special features disc in a collector tin, 128MB TRANSFORMERS MP3 player and a die cast Camaro Concept keyring painted Orange Metallic

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GM posts picture of Camaro in Camo! posted a picture of Ed Welburn hugging a Camaro recently.
Our guess is the Ed is covering up the B-Pillar area

There are a few other minor things you can make out in this picture, what do you see?

See the blog entry here

Brandonppr from 'removed' the Camo for all to see

Looks like the first year will be a 2010

We just received this from GM:

To answer some recent questions in cyberspace:

Yes -- the Camaro will have a key (versus pushbutton start)

Yes -- it will be a model year 2010 -- but we have not moved the 'start-up' date. We'll start building Camaros in the 4th quarter of 2008 -- and they'll be in dealerships in the first quarter of 2009

Yes -- the new Camaro will have a B-pillar. BUT - it isn't noticable from the outside. Think of a first gen with the rear window in the up position. The rear window will cover the B-pillar and there will be a weatherstrip attached. The B-pillar is necessary for several reasons -- the most important being: reduction of mass and structural rigidity

Transformers 2007 DVD now in stores

Today is the day, you can buy the Transformers DVD in a number of special edition packages. Available in one or two dic sets, Widescreen and HD format, there is plenty to choose from. Sorry Blu-Ray customers, that version is not available at this time.

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Best Buy- Box Set – Robot Heroes Exclusives Cliffjumper and Battle Damaged Prime w/ 2-disc Special Edition DVD ($29.99) – Minimum 10 sets per store
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Blockbuster- Exclusive 128MB MP3 player with 1-disc DVD – Minimum 4 per store

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Circuit City- Free Gift Card with code for 15 minutes of exclusive online content about the movie included with purchase of DVD
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Fred Meyer
- Buy the DVD, get a free T-Shirt

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Suncoast (and related stores such as FYE, Sam Goody, etc.)
- Steel case, Autobot (Protect) and Decepticon (Destroy) versions

Supervalu Chains (Albertsons, Cub Foods, Jewel-Osco’s, etc.)
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- Transforming Optimus Prime Case w/ 2-disc Special Edition DVD
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1969 Camaro body kits are here

This week there is a 1994 Chevy Camaro Z28 on ebay. The company selling it has created a unique 1969 Camaro body kit and has posted their prototype on ebay.

While this car was not built using a kit, it was hand built using steel panels. We are not sure if future models will be using a kit but they will be based on lower mileage CF4 Fourth generation Camaro chassis.

There are some body kits I like, and some I don't like. A favorite is the 1953 Commemorative Corvette by

You can read the details and see more images at

hybrid Camaro?

Souce: - Bryan White

Not much. At least not publicly. Projects like the GM Volt and E85 cars and trucks are there, but what about gas/electric hybrids? Nada. And the maddening part is, GM has the stuff to make it happen. What if GM came out with an iconic American nameplate (as in, a sports car brand) that had muscle and great gas mileage? Like matching a new hybrid system with GM's V8 Camaro (a Chevy product)? That could happen...but it's not. Why not?


GM has the Volt coming about the same time as the Camaro Convertible hits showrooms all over the world. Personally, I see hybrid sports cars in the form of a Saturn Sky or a Pontiac Solstice, those are much better suited then the heavier Camaro/Zeta platform.

Camaro concept in Orange County

Source: - Phillip Radke

Chevy brought out its large array of Corvettes but the main attraction lay with the brand new Camaro, which is intended for release in 2009.

The convertible version of the Camaro was on display, showcasing the realm of possibilities the company is exploring within the next year.

The final design is not set for the convertible version, but representatives at the show confirmed that the body style is set in stone, if not for a few tweaks that will be made to meet safety regulations.