GM twin turbo V6 to combat the Ford eco-boost?

We could easily see this power train finding its way into the Camaro!

Ford's twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter "EcoBoost" V-6 has proven to be rather successful, so it's not too surprising to hear that General Motors may be working on a competitive engine.

The EcoBoost competitor will likely be built off GM's "high feature" V-6 -- specifically, the 3.0-liter "LF1" V-6 used in the likes of the Buick LaCrosse, Cadillac CTS and SRX, Chevrolet Equinox, and GMC Terrain. Sources close to the program tell us that early prototypes of the engine -- code named LF3 -- were producing close to 400 horsepower before any spark timing or calibration refinement was performed.

Although the engine is certainly under development, there's still some speculation surrounding which vehicles could utilize the twin-turbo six. One possible application, according to GMInsideNews, is the 2012 XTS. The large Cadillac -- which is reportedly greenlighted for production -- was shown in concept form with a "high feature" V-6 mated to GM's 2-Mode hybrid system.

Click here for the complete article on Automobile Magazine

Pedders Camaro keeps a ZR1 at bay

If anyone had the slightest doubt that the Pedders Camaro is not a screamer, watch Paul Tracy drive the crap out of it.
Notice on the autocross and on the track how flat the Pedders Camaro was thru the corners, and how controlled the fore/aft movement was and totally stable from lift and dive. This was at the Optima Challenge outside of Las Vegas.
Then notice the ZR1 Corvette chasing the Pedders Camaro had more body role than the Pedders Camaro.

Checkout the Camaro lineup from Pedders today!

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2010 Camaro SS LS7 by Livernois Motorsports

Rick LeBlanc from Livernois Motorsports shared a recent project with us.  A customer of theirs approached the shop with an LS7 motor swap in his new 2010 Camaro SS.

The car was baselined on our chassis dynamometer, then the LS3 was removed to make room for the LS7.

Once the engine arrived here, it was baselined on their engine dynamometer. The customer didn't want the dry-sump system from a Z06, so before the engine was installed, they converted it to wet-sump then put it back on the engine dynamometer. This transformation can be seen here in the March 2010 issue of Hot Rod Magazine.

After dyno testing with only the wet-sump conversion, they installed their stage 1 LS7 camshaft and dual valve spring package before installing the engine into the car. This combination was also tested on the engine dynamometer. After the engine was installed into the car, it was put back on the chassis dynamometer and tested with the factory airbox, factory exhaust manifolds and catback. After this they installed Kooks Longtube Headers and ran it again.

This story can be seen here in the April 2010 issue of Hot Rod Magazine.

Camaro V6 improvements coming for 2011?

Drew Johnson of tells reminds us that Ford really upped the pony car wars for the 2011 model year by equipping the Mustang with two new power trains. He goes on to remind us General Motors could be preparing to return fire. Ford trumped the Camaro with a new 305 horsepower, 31mpg V6 for the 2011 model year, but GM has indicated it might have a trick up its sleeve.

GM lead the pony car MPG wars with 304 HP and 29 MPG with the 2010 Camaro V6. Ford's reply slightly edges out GM with their own V6 producing 305 HP and 31 MPG in the 2011 Mustang.  I look forward to the return of the 5.0l motor in the Ford Mustang, and even more to the reply from Chevrolet.

Synergy Green Camaro tour

Eric Hall (aka SS-Eric) from Classic Chevrolet in Texas takes us on a video tour of the new Synergy Green Camaro. This car was a special order by a member of, check out the forums and see what the all the chatter is about.

Thank you for the tour Eric!

2010 Camaro Landau Edition

So I was near 8 Mile and Kelly Road earlier today, I spotted a new Camaro convertible headed into Target. I had my camera with me so I followed hoping to get some shots of a development car.  After the parked, I got out of my truck and was ready to take some pictures. As I got closer, it became painfully clear what I was looking at, a 2010 Camaro V6 with a Landau/vinyl roof!  As hard as it is, I feel it is my duty to share this with the Camaro community...

Pro Street 67 Camaro on ebay this week!

We saw this beauty posted on ebay this week, looks like it is from the Metro Detroit area.  Love this 502 Big Block setup and the stance on this thing is killer!

Ebay Link with plenty of pictures

100,000th 2010 Camaro produced this week!

On March 3, 2010, the 100,000th 2010 Camaro rolled off the Oshawa aassembly line! Check out the discussion on today!