Barrett-Jackson to sell first 2009 Corvette ZR1

We aren't sure when the new Corvette ZR1 goes into production, but it seems Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale plans to sell the first 'retailable unit' built to benifit the United Way in January 2008.

According to thier web site, the car is lot number 1316 and will be sold on Saturday, January 19, 2008. They also have the car identified as a Convertible which is an obvious typo.

Ain't that a Bee-otch

It seems DreamWorks is identified in a lawsuit for allegedly using the Bee-otch design on an air freshener in the Bumblebee Camaro in the 2007 Blockbuster movie The Transformers.

Here is the story from the NY Post

Looks like this one should be pretty easy for Alia Madden since she claims to have had the design since 2002 and has licensed it out for use on air fresheners, mugs and shirts since then. Considering how much this movie has grossed, the meger sum of $850,000 she is asking for should be a drop in the bucket for DreamWorks. - 2010 Camaro Forums

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2010 Camaro in camo on the streets

Christa Lehmann captured a few images of a camouflaged 2010 Camaro in Australia.
Checkout the thread on

5th Gen Camaro Pro Stock

This picture was posted on this week. We are told it was shot at the Peformance Racing Industry Trade Show recelty. Does anyone have additional pictures of this car?

*Update 12/12/2007 - we just saw the following link on today: CLICK HERE

The 2009 Camaro , will be racing in NMCA Pro Street, & NOPI series,,, 510 Mike Moran Twin Turbo Engine... the Driver will Be Tony Baudier and Darrell Devenny

This is the information posted on the car below!

Along for the ride in the Corvette ZR1

This cockpit video was taken during the recent ZR1 testing at Laguna Seca. This is posted on

Looks like a great ride!