Drake front grille bowtie replacement

With a sea of aftermarket parts available for the 2010-2013 Chevrolet Camaro available, one of our favorite exterior mods is still the OEM GM Heritage Grille.

We recently ran across Drake Muscle Car accessories. They offer a very unique front grille treatment, a replacement for the ugly GOLD Chevrolet Bowtie emblem. This blends in with the egg crate Camaro grille to finish it off very nicely.

Image Source: Drake Automotive Group

Drake Part Number CA-190005-BTD.
For more info on this and other Camaro goodies, visit drakeautomotivegroup.com.

2014 Camaro Spring Special Edition

Continuing a tradition of introducing special-edition production models at the 2013 SEMA Show, Chevrolet introduces the 2014 Spring Special Edition. Shown in its Camaro SS convertible version below, the limited-production package will be offered in up-level 2LT and 2SS trims in coupe and convertible configurations. 

Word on the street is these cars are arriving at dealers now. Keep an eye out and let us know when you see one.
Image courtesy GM Media
Image courtesy GM Media
  • Summit White exterior with a Unique Blue Ray Stripe
  • Camaro ZL1 body color spoiler
  • Chevrolet Accessories ground effects package PN# 22986845
  • Chevrolet Accessories grille (black) PN# 22965834
  • Chevrolet Accessories grille decals PN# 20972524
  • Chevrolet Accessories 21" wheels Front PN# 19302759 Rear PN# 19302758
  • Hood Louver painted Blue Ray to match stripe
  • RS Appearance Package Elements (HID Headlamps & LED Tail lamps)
  • Blue fabric convertible top
  • Blue accent leather interior w/Blue accent stitching
  • Chevrolet Accessories floor mats, Black w/silver CAMARO logo PN#92221512
  • SS cars - 6.2l V8 with 429 HP (Manual) or 400 HP (Auto)
  • Available Dual Mode Exhaust

New Camaro ZL1 takes a swim

News affiliates in Houston,Texas report a driver and his new 2014 Camaro ZL1 through a fence and into the community pool.  Reports say it was accidental (hit gas instead of the brake), a witness says the driver lost control.

Let's hope the VIN is recorded properly so a future owner is aware.

See the video on click2houston.com

Mother of all Camaro bunouts

Steve Nogas ripped out an awesome burnout at Melbourne Autofest in his Killer Bee aka "KILLA-B - Bumblebee's evil brother" Chevrolet Camaro. This maybe the coolest burnout video we have seen yet.

Decepticon or Autobot? You decide. This 2010 Camaro is in Austraila, converted to right hand drive and all, started as a Yellow V6 car. Exterior is covered in a 3M Designer Wraps matte black.  The car was officially released at the Meguiar's MotorEx 2012 at the Sydney Olympic Park.

Steve, once banned from the event, created this Camaro to stand out from the rest. Check out the background and some great images of the car and build at FreeStyleRides.com


Gen 5 Camaro Performance Parts

As if GM wasn't making enough waves in the performance car market, they release a list of go-fast parts for your 2010-2014 Camaro that will NOT void your factory warranty. 

It's rumored on the interweb this week that the new 2014 Camaro Z/28 warranty DOES cover the vehicle during track use. We have yet to confirm this with the General, stay tuned!

Below is from GM Media:

Factory engineered Chevrolet accessories can preserve vehicle warranty

DETROIT – Chevrolet Performance has released a comprehensive collection of factory-engineered performance parts and accessories for fifth-generation Camaros, 2010 model year and newer. Many of the parts preserve the vehicle warranty when installed by a Chevrolet dealer – an advantage aftermarket installers cannot provide.

The portfolio of parts is designed to make "Gen 5" Camaro V-6 and SS models more capable on the street and track and includes components from the high-performance Camaro ZL1 and the road racing-oriented Camaro SS 1LE package.

For customers interested in drag racing or high-horsepower projects, Chevrolet Performance offers the new ZL1 rear driveline system. It is the strongest independent rear axle option available for the Camaro, featuring a 9.9-inch rear differential mounted in a robust cast iron center section (vs. the aluminum center section in SS and V-6 models) and additional high-strength components.

For customers interested in road-racing or improved handling, Chevrolet Performance offers suspension components from the Camaro 1LE, which is homologated for competition in SCCA’s T2 class. The same components in the Chevrolet Performance 1LE Track Pack enabled a production Camaro SS 1LE to circle Virginia International Raceway in less than three minutes.
Image courtesy of GM Media

Chevrolet Performance is the first stop for owners building a competitive, durable Camaro for the track,” said Jim Campbell, GM U.S. vice president of performance vehicles and motorsports. “These Chevrolet Performance parts are based on Chevrolet factory-validated production components that were tested on racetracks and validated to standards unmatched in the aftermarket industry. Quite simply, they’re tailored for improved performance and built to the highest standards.”

The parts are available directly from Chevrolet dealers, which can be found on the dealer locator at chevroletperformance.com or chevrolet.com.

Camaro ZL1 components:
  • ZL1 front brake kit for Camaro SS (part number 22959672) – It includes racing-style front two-piece, 14.6-inch front rotors and six-piston Brembo calipers with aluminum housings and ZL1 logo. The kit includes two rotors, two calipers, brake pads and mounting hardware. It is a direct replacement for Camaro SS. It works with production chassis controls, including StabiliTrak, traction control and antilock brakes, and does not void the vehicle warranty.
  • ZL1 rear brake kit for Camaro SS (part number 23104466) – It complements the ZL1 front brake kit with ZL1-logo calipers. The kit includes two calipers, brake pads and installation hardware. It works with production chassis controls, including StabiliTrak, traction control and antilock brakes, and does not void the vehicle warranty.
  • ZL1 front/rear brake kit for Camaro V-6 (part number 22989384) – Upgrades the front and rear brakes for 2010-and-later Camaro V-6 models with the 14.6-inch front and 14.4-inch rear brake components from the ZL1. The kit includes two front, two-piece rotors and six-piston calipers, two rear single-piece rotors and four-piston calipers, brake pads, master cylinder and installation hardware. Twenty-inch wheels are required for caliper clearance. It works with production chassis controls, including StabiliTrak, traction control and antilock brakes, and does not void the vehicle warranty.
  • ZL1 short-throw shifter (part number 19299460) – Quicker, more precise-feeling gear changes are enabled by the ZL1’s 5.1-ratio shifter. It is a direct replacement for the six-speed manual transmission shifter in the Camaro SS. Does not void vehicle warranty. ZL1 low-restriction air filter element (part number 92229651) – Direct replacement for the air filter element in 2010-13 Camaro SS models, enhancing LS3/L99 engine performance by reducing induction restrictions. It does not void the vehicle warranty.
  • ZL1 fuel pump (part number 19260557) – Fits all 2010-and-later SS and V-6 models. This twin-pump design is designed meet the high-rpm fuel requirements of a supercharged engine. It delivers approximately 250 liters per hour at 65 psi (450 kPa).
  • ZL1 rear driveline system (part number 22959394 for manuals and 22959395 for automatics) – This is the ZL1’s complete rear axle system, which is significantly stronger than the Camaro SS rear axle system. The kit includes a larger, stronger 9.9-inch ring gear with a heavy-duty limited-slip differential in a cast iron housing; stronger driveshaft and stronger asymmetrical half-shafts, which include a 60mm hollow shaft on the right and a 33mm solid shaft on the left. Their different torsional stiffness rates work in conjunction with the limited-slip differential to minimize the chance of wheel hop at launch. The kit is a direct bolt-in for the Camaro SS and V-6 models, although additional parts may be required for installation. Manual transmission kits feature a 3.73 axle ratio and automatic transmission kits have a 3.23 ratio.

Camaro 1LE components:
  • 1LE Track Pack (part number 23123398 for V-6 and 23123397 for SS) – This suspension kit features the same suspension components used in the production 1LE performance package. Content includes a larger, 27mm solid front stabilizer bar, and 28mm solid rear stabilizer bar for improved body roll, retuned front struts and new monotube rear shocks for improved body and wheel control, and stiffer toe links and rear shock mounts for improved performance. It works with production chassis controls, including StabiliTrak, traction control and antilock brakes, and does not void the vehicle warranty.
  • 1LE strut tower brace (part number 22756880) – This bolt-on component fits 2011-and-later Camaro SS and V-6 models, delivering greater stiffness to the front body structure to enhance the turn-in feel and supports quicker, more direct-feeling steering inputs. Does not void vehicle warranty.
  • 1LE PCV valve (part number 12653073) – Ensures oil separation and drain-back during high-load cornering. Does not void vehicle warranty.

Camaro SS components:
  • SS brake kit for Camaro V-6 (part number 23120542) – Upgrades the front and rear brakes for 2010-and-later Camaro V-6 models with the Brembo front and rear brake components from the SS. It is a more economical option for customers who want greater brake performance, but don’t need the performance of the ZL1 brakes. The kit includes two front rotors and calipers, two rear rotors and calipers, brake pads, master cylinder and installation hardware. It works with production chassis controls, including StabiliTrak, traction control and antilock brakes, and does not void the vehicle warranty.
LS3 heads / LS7 camshaft package (part number 19300535)
Developed by the same powertrain engineers who work on Chevrolet’s motorsports programs, this power-building kit was developed as a direct replacement for the factory-installed heads and camshaft on 2010-and-later Camaro SS models, adding up to 40 horsepower. The kit includes CNC-ported LS3 cylinder heads, which flow more than 350 cfm (intake side) with 276cc intake runners and 2.165/1.590-inch valves. The high-lift LS7 camshaft makes the most of the heads’ airflow capabilities, with 0.558/0.558-inch lift and 211 degrees/230 degrees duration at 0.050-inch and a 121-degree lobe separation angle. Contents include the camshaft and fully assembled cylinder heads. Head gaskets and cylinder head bolts must be purchased separately. Tuning is required. This kit fits other LS-family engines with at least 4.000-inch bores.

COPO components for the drag strip
Chevrolet Performance also offers many of the specialty and high-performance components used in the COPO Camaro, allowing racers to build their own Camaro race car. They include components such as the unique COPO Camaro hood (part number 22950678) and COPO-logo gauges.

For the latest news on the COPO Program and new parts, sign up for the COPO Camaro mailing list at chevroletperformance.com.

About Chevrolet Performance
Driven by more than 100 years of motorsports heritage, Chevrolet Performance fuels the passions of automotive enthusiasts through high-performance vehicles, parts and racing. Performance cars include Camaro SS, SS 1LE, ZL1, Z/28 and the COPO Camaro. Chevrolet Performance parts include crate engines, transmissions, controllers and street-level components. Chevrolet competes in NASCAR, NHRA, ALMS, GRAND-AM, IndyCar and a variety of circle track racing series.

The 2014 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 Flowtie

It's all about the details at General Motors. The latest innovation is the Chevrolet 'Flowtie' exclusively used on the 2014 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28.

Images: Chevrolet Media
GM Powertrain Cooling Development engineer Richard Quinn noticed the bowtie emblem in the grille of the Z/28 was displacing air away from the radiator which impacts engine cooling. After some quick modification to remove the gold fill of the bowtie emblem, leaving a chrome outline, they found the airflow improved and added three additional cubic meters of air per minute. This allowed the coolant and engine oil temperature to drop by 2°F during extended track sessions. Thus the Flowtie was born.

We consider this a bonus as we aren't fans of the gold bowtie Chevrolet has come so happy with. We've even replaced the gold bowtie on our Trailblazer SS using a billet bowtie made right here in the USA.

The 2014 Camaro Z/28 arrives in dealerships this spring and the Flowtie is standard equipment.

2014 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 Priced at $75,000

DETROIT Chevrolet today announced the 2014 Camaro Z/28 will go on sale this spring with a suggested retail price of $75,000, including a $995 destination charge, but excluding tax, title, license and dealer fees.

The new Z/28 is offered in five exterior colors – Red Hot, Black, Silver Ice Metallic, Ashen Gray Metallic and Summit White. Only a single option is available: A $1,150 package that adds air conditioning and four audio speakers. The standard Z/28 package includes one speaker.

“The Camaro Z/28 is an uncompromising performer that’s bred for the track – and every one of its unique components supports the goal of faster lap times,” said Mark Reuss, president, General Motors North America. “It takes the Z/28 back to its racing roots and adds to the strong lineup of Chevrolet performance cars, including a revamped Camaro SS and supercharged ZL1, as well as the SS sedan, Corvette Stingray convertible and 2015 Corvette Z06, which we’ll introduce at the North American International Auto Show next week."

Images courtesy of GM Media Archives

The Z/28’s unique exterior is designed like a race car to produce downforce that presses the tires against the track for greater grip – up to 1.08 g in cornering acceleration – and faster lap times. The aerodynamically optimized design helped the Camaro Z/28 log a lap on Germany’s legendary Nürburgring road course that was four seconds faster than the Camaro ZL1’s and beat published times for the Porsche 911 Carrera S and the Lamborghini Murcielago LP640.

Power comes from the 7.0L LS7 engine, with dry-sump oiling, rated at an SAEcertified 505 horsepower (376 kW) and 481 lb-ft of torque (652 Nm). The engine is built by hand at the new Performance Build Center within GM’s Bowling Green assembly plant.

A close-ratio six-speed manual transmission is the only transmission offered and power is distributed to the rear wheels via a Torsen limited-slip differential featuring a helical gear set, rather than traditional clutch packs, for optimal traction. The differential works in unison with Chevrolet’s proprietary Performance Traction Management system, allowing drivers to adjust the level of throttle and braking intervention to match their capability and driving environment.

The Camaro Z/28 is also one of the first production cars fitted with race-proven, spool-valve dampers, which allow four-way damping control, enabling engineers to precisely tune both bump and rebound settings for high-speed and low-speed wheel motions. The wider tuning range also allows dramatically greater damper stiffness without a significant change in ride quality. Additional chassis changes include stiffer spring and bushing rates for improved cornering response. Lightweight, 19-inch forged aluminum wheels and Pirelli PZero Trofeo R tires reduce unsprung weight by 49.6 pounds (22.5 kilograms) per car compared to the 20-inch wheels standard on Camaro SS and ZL1.

The massive 305/30ZR19 PZero Trofeo R tires represent the first production-car application in the industry and are believed to be the widest front tire on any production car. To fully exploit their grip, the Z/28 also features Brembo Carbon Ceramic Matrix™ rotors and fixed, monoblock calipers. The large 394 x 36 mm front rotors are paired with six-piston calipers, while the 390 x 32 mm rear rotors are paired four-piston calipers. Compared to similar-size, two-piece steel rotors, the lightweight carbon discs save 28 pounds (12.5 kg) per car.

The combination of tire grip and braking power enable the Camaro Z/28 to achieve at least 1.5 g in deceleration. With standard front brake cooling ducts, the Z/28 is also capable of continuous track use.

Interior details

On the interior, the Camaro Z/28 features trim in a distinctive, matte-metallic finish called Octane, a flat-bottom steering wheel and Recaro seats with microfiber inserts. The seats feature aggressive bolsters for high-performance driving, as well as seat cutouts inspired by the five-point harnesses found on racing seats. To save weight, both front seats incorporate manual adjustment.

The rear seats of the Z/28 have also been modified for weight reduction. Nine pounds, or four kilograms, were saved by eliminating the seat-back pass-through, as well as using high-density foam in place of the rigid structure of the seat back and steel mesh of the seat bottom.
Additional examples of weight savings include:
  • Elimination of the tire-inflator kit, except for Rhode Island and New Hampshire, where it is required by law
  • Removal of some interior sound deadener, as well as trunk carpet
  • Use of a smaller, lighter battery
  • Thinner rear-window glass – 3.2 mm vs. the standard 3.5 mm
  • Elimination of high-intensity discharge, or HID, headlamps and fog lights
  • No air conditioning except as part of the single option package.
The Camaro Z/28 will be available to order in late January with the first cars delivered to customers in the spring. 

Rights to the first Camaro Z/28, VIN 0001, will be auctioned at Barrett Jackson Auction in Scottsdale, Ariz. on January 18.

The Z/28’s suggested retail price includes destination and freight charges, as well as the gas-guzzler tax.

Your chance to own a 2010 Camaro ZL575

A very rare Camaro is now for sale. Ever wanted a 2010 ZL575? Now is your chance!

2010 Black Camaro ZL575 with only 9,800 miles
#47 of 250 made - $40,999 OBO 

As of November 29th this car is SOLD

All confirming SLP paperwork will be included

  • SLP TVS 2300 High-Output Supercharger Assembly
  • SLP PowerFlo Axle-Back Exhaust System with 4″ Dual Wall Tips
  • SLP Blackwing Cold Air Induction System
  • SLP Modified Stock Engine Cover with 550HP or 575HP Badging
  • SLP Sport Suspension Package (Lowers Vehicle 1″ Front & Rear)
  • SLP RTM Hood with Functional Heat Extractor Scoop* & Fascia Closeout Panel (*Patent Pending)
  • SLP Rear Spoiler Painted Body Color
  • SLP 20″ 5-Spoke Red Line Wheels with Machined Spoke Face & ZL Center Caps
  • Rear Tail Light Panel Painted Gloss Black
  • Rear Quarter Panel Gill Insert Decals in Gloss Black
  • Three OEM-Quality ZL550 or ZL575 Supercharged Fender & Rear Deck Lid Badges
  • ZL550 or ZL575 Supercharged Logo Embroidered Premium Front Floor Mats
  • ZL550 or ZL575 Supercharged Logo Embroidered Front Headrests
  • ZL550 or ZL575 Supercharged Logo Car Cover
  • ZL550 or ZL575 Supercharged Sequentially Numbered (1-250) Dash Plaque (1) & Key Fobs (2)
  • Leather (Faux) Bound Portfolio, Owner's Manual, Birth Certificate & Window Sticker

Added Performance based modifications (Tuning and Install, done by Fastmotorsports):

  • 3.2” Pulley and Tune
  • 1-7/8 Kooks Long Tube Headers with high flow Cats (Ceramic coated)
  • Borla True dual Catback system
  • End result – 552hp and 541LB-ft of torque

Have all stock parts, that will be included in Sale.

Added Appearance based modifications (All work done by Showstoppers):

  • Painted on stripes
  • Custom LED Mirrors (Operate as running lights and turn signals)
  • Custom LED Side markers
  • Painted Brake calipers
  • Tinted taillights
  • Premium under hood appearance package to match car theme
  • Painted interior trim
  • Painted tail bezels
  • Heritage grille
  • Dual Color Halo headlights (color themed)
  • Tinted windows
Many more images here: http://s284.photobucket.com/user/Revo300/slideshow/ZL575

For additional information, contact Paul at hpshopads@hotmail.com