Oshawa mayor is criticized for buying a new Camaro SS

It seems some citizens of Oshawa, Ontario have their panties in a wad over the car their mayor bought for himself.

John Gary recently took delivery of a Red 2010 Camaro SS, the car that is taking buyers by storm, selling like hotcakes and is produced in the very town he supports as Mayor.

“Our mayor is flaunting this gas-guzzling vehicle all around town,” complains constituent Bill Steele. “Our taxes are the highest in the GTA by far, and I don’t like that I’m paying for part of a sports car that gets 17 miles to the gallon.”

Mr. Steele, not sure how things work in Canada, but it sounds like John Gary spent his hard earned money to buy what he wanted, not what everyone else wanted him to drive. How happy would you be if everyone around you including YOUR clients or employer told you what to drive? Not too happy I'd bet...

If more people minded their own business, especially in cases like this, the world would be a better place overall.

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Bill Longworth said...

This is the public's business...after all they are picking up all the costs including gas. The public also has an interest in the image being projected by the mayor. Would the public stand for the Prime Minister or the Premier driving this car or do they expect a more mature and conservative image? His judgement here is a good backdrop to his leadership and the many asinine decisions made by his council. Recall Cullen Gardens Miniatures, half million dollar consulting fees to petition federal gov't to provide harbour grants, demolition of council chambers and "A" wing of city hall without plans, prices, and contracts for a replacement, demolition of 80% of city ice pads and replacement with new facilities in the north end thus depriving south end children of skating opportunity...you get the message. We need new leadership to get this city back on track. In many ways, it is becoming the focus of ridicule across the country.

Joe said...

Sorry Bill, according to our sources this car was purchased and operated using his own money. The citizens of Ontario are not footing this bill.
If you have issues with how he runs the area, that is a different story entirely.