Chevy Camaro a Go for 2008

GM’s Chevrolet division can’t sit idle as the retro Ford Mustang gobbles up sales, so it’s frantically readying its own muscle car with vintage styling cues.
August 2006

We knew it all along, but now the news has leaked from within General Motors: Chevrolet’s answer to the original pony-car salvo is being reloaded and aimed at production as early as 2008, the Detroit Free Press has reported. The official announcement is expected to come from GM Chairman Rick Wagoner this Thursday in Traverse City, Michigan.

Sources report the car will be built on GM’s revived Zeta platform, originally intended for a series of full-size rear-wheel-drive cars but shelved last year after being deemed too expensive. Power for the resurrected Camaro will come from a base V-6 and two V-8’s, hopefully one of which will be bear the letters LS and a whole number greater than 6; Chevy’s current top production engine is the 505-hp LS7 found in the Corvette Z06.

No word yet on where the car might be built—indeed, official word that it is being built at all is still a few days away — but speculation is that GM’s plants in Oshawa, Ontario or Wilmington, Delaware, are strong possibilities.

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