More iPods in cars


General Motors, Ford Motor Co. and Mazda Motor Corp. are teaming up with Apple Computers Inc. to enable people to link their iPods to vehicle audio systems on most 2007 models.

The move, announced today, means that more than 70 percent of all 2007 model-year U.S. vehicles will be able to link with iPods, Apple said in a press release.

The automakers will provide a cable that will link iPods with a vehicle's audio system. The link allows people to use the vehicle audio controls to choose songs on the iPod. The link also charges the iPod's battery.

GM will offer the feature, known as a personal audio link, as a dealer-installed option on all 2007 models in the fourth quarter of this year, a GM spokesperson said. The first vehicle to offer the link will be the 2007 HHR in October.

However, there will be a charge for the link. GM said it would offer the link at dealerships for less than $160 plus installation as early as October for some car models, said the spokesperson.

Mazda's entire 2007 lineup, along with most other Ford vehicles, will offer the feature as a dealer-installed option as well. The Ford accessory, called TripTunes Advanced, will cost about $200 plus recommended dealer installation, a Ford spokesperson said.

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