The Latest Retro-Modern Automotive Styling Trend - New Orange BRAKE Caliper PaintSystem Set from G2

G2 USA, Inc., a leading manufacturer of “Do-It-Yourself” car styling products, formally announced today the addition of an Orange BRAKE Caliper PaintSystem Set to their flagship line of high temperature brake caliper paint. The addition of an Orange kit, reminiscent of the glory days of MOPAR is directly attributed to the current retro-modern styling craze as witnessed by the recent debuts of the Chevy Camaro and Dodge Challenger concept cars at the 2006 North American International Auto Show.

“There has been a tremendous demand from automotive enthusiasts to recapture the look and feel of that special car from their past. The release of an orange brake caliper paint kit is a direct response to this demand,” says Jack Sanders President and CEO of G2 USA, Inc. The two-part orange paint was custom mixed by specially contracted chemical engineers to capture the retro-modern feel and evoke visions of the beloved HEMI. "It looks heritage, we are very excited to bring this color to market!" says Sanders.

Not only is the new color attractive, it offers great chemical and physical protection to the caliper. Brake fluids and dust, road salt, dirt, even loose gravel can't harm the high-gloss finish. G2's BRAKE Caliper PaintSystem offers the highest heat resistance on the DIY aftermarket (up to 900ºF). Easily applied as a brush-on, the paint adds a great styling touch to any brake caliper ultimately highlighting already stylish show-through rims.

To support their high-quality paint, G2 offers it as part of a complete kit manufactured in their central warehouse in Mundelein, Illinois. Each kit is hand-assembled and all of their materials are 100% Made in the USA! Included with each kit are high-performance caliper cleaner, mixing can, stirrer, application brush and a color decal.

With the addition of orange, the G2 line of high-gloss colors now includes red, yellow, blue, silver, black, purple, green, white, gold and orange!

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