Lawn mowing paid for CEO's Camaro

Source: Detroit Free Press - Tom Walsh

When General Motors CEO Rick Wagoner officially announced the resurrection of the Chevy Camaro last week, he reminisced about the first new car he ever purchased -- a 1973 Camaro that cost him $3,500.

He went on to say he paid for his Camaro with "hard-earned cash from cutting lawns ... at $2 each." That was a lot of grass clippings, he quipped.

A lot, indeed.

At $2 per cut, that means young Rick shaved 1,750 lawns to pay for his '73 muscle wheels. That works out to a lawn per day for five years during his late teens -- and since there's not much need to cut the grass about one-third of the year in Wagoner's hometown of Richmond, Va., he presumably had a lot of multi-cut days. What we don't know for sure is whether he gave rebates to drum up more customers when business was slow.

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