V6 version is key to Camaro success

as posted by autoextremist.com -

GM, Chevrolet - Journalists were given yet another preview of the Camaro concept this week, but GM would not confirm that the project is a "go." We can confirm, however, that the make-or-break business case for the new Camaro won't be the 400HP V-8, six-speed version, because GM can do that car in its sleep and make it great - and that package is as close to being a "no-brainer" as you can possibly get. The real issue is the V-6 version, a car that must be worthy of the Camaro nameplate, first of all, and be premium in every respect - while delivering an outstanding performance/value equation vis-a-vis the competition. This is the car that GM must get right if the Camaro is going to be a success in the market. We'll stick by what we said immediately after the Detroit auto show, however: The Camaro is a done deal - GM is just making sure that it's every bit as good as people want it to be. And we'll probably get official confirmation of its production timetable by the fall.

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