Tailgate theft prevention - The Gate Keeper™

The most common places for pickup truck tailgate theft are parking lots in Home Improvement stores, shopping malls, grocery stores, etc. If you frequent these places, you are very likely to fall victim to tailgate theft.

Tailgates are very easy to steal and sell. With factory replacements often costing up to $1,000 when it is all said and done, you can buy a nice complete setup for as little as $100 through a variety of sources.

Some companies sell locking tailgate handles, but for those that use their tailgates almost daily as I do, that can become more of a hassle then a tool. The locking tailgates are not that difficult to get past, and once they do, they can have your tailgate in less than 30 seconds, you know how quickly you can remove your own...

We offer the Gate Keeper which bolts onto your truck and covers the pivot point so the tailgate cannot be removed without proper tools. We supply everything you need including the tool to install/un-install the unit. Installation takes only minutes yet allows you to open/close your tailgate at will while keeping is secured to your vehicle!

Checkout our online store at TruckTechniques.com and order your Gate Keeper today!

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