In-Door lock protection - The Jimmi Jammer™

The most common tool used in vehicle burglary or theft is a screwdriver!

The sketch below shows our Jimmi' Jammer™ plate mounted to the backside of the handle, inside the door. Thus, when the thief tries to pry into the door, the plate stops them cold!

The Jimmi Jammer™ is A custom formed solid 14 gauge steel plate that bolts to the backside of your door handle, preventing thieves from prying into the handle seam to get at the lock rods.

Unlike alarms and other security products, the Jimmi’ Jammer™ stops thieves from getting into the vehicle in the first place.

Once installed, there is nothing more to do... nothing to deploy or activate each time you leave the vehicle...the Jimmi’ Jammer™ is always in place to protect your vehicle and valuables inside.

Click HERE to see one of the installation manuals.

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