Retro kit for your new Camaro

Love the looks of the first generation Chevrolet Camaro but want the safety, performance and efficiency of a late model car? Innovation Mold and Design might have what you are looking for. The Wisconsin company has introduced the 5/1 retro kit to transform your 2010/2011 Chevy Camaro to look like it's first gen predecessors.

“From the side, the Camaro body lines and everything are very similar to the ’69. But in the front they (aren’t), and people in their 40s, 50s and 60s grew up with those cars and wished they had them,” said Dan Fairbanks, Innovation Mold president.

Included in the vacuum-infused fiberglass kit are a front fascia, spoiler, front and rear chrome bumpers, rear quarter molding, hood vents and rocker moldings.

The price? This will tack on $10,000 to the price of a Camaro. Visit Innovation Retrokits for more information.

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