COPO Camaro making a return?

The 1969 COPO Chevrolet Camaro is one of the most sought after muscle cars of all time. C.O.P.O is the acronym for Central Office Production Order, and was the key to ordering a standard looking Camaro with a not-so-standard power train. This option put a 427 cubic inch Big Block Cevrolet motor under the hood. Rated at just 425 HP, this was a limited run and was available in a few configurations.

In 1969, there were three different COPO orders for a Camaro. Order #9560 and #9561 were almost the same cars, but #9560 had one big difference: The engine was all-aluminum, and that is the brutal ZL1. We know of two that have sold recently for $840,000 and $1.1 million respectively. COPO #9561 got you an iron engine block. The third COPO # was 9737, which was the so-called Sports Car Conversion with either engine available, a 140-mph speedometer and 15 x 7 Rally wheels. All COPOs were emissions-certified, carried both the 12/12 and 5/50 warranties and were street legal, even with the noisy optional chambered exhaust systems, which essentially had no mufflers.  source: Hemmings Motor News
It seems the famed COPO designation may be making a return to the Chevrolet for the new Camaro. After 40 years, you may be able to build (order) your own COPO Camaro shopping from a list of GM Performance Parts. Start out with a crate motor?  Suspension parts? Who knows. We are anxious to see what this develops into, stay tuned for details!

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