The new Camaro through the eyes of Danny L Whitfield

The Automotive Art of Danny L Whitfield

What price do you put on art?

The art world is a crazy place, and there seems to be no limit as to what the next renaissance masterpiece will fetch. The same collector mayhem happens in the muscle car world, with top examples of our favorite cars going for millions of dollars. Artist Danny Whitfield has priced his art masterpieces of classic cars at very reasonable prices. His awesome collection is offered in two sizes, 16 x 20 ($70), and 20 x 24 ($90).

The fifth generation Camaro is currently the hottest car on the planet! We know you may have one that's customized with parts from Chevrolet or aftermarket suppliers. That's why Danny's offering a diverse collection of prints to chose from.

But the best part is getting YOUR print customized the way YOU want it!  If you have a really tricked out Camaro or just want to match what you bought from the Chevy dealership, visit his web site today!

You do not have to be a millionaire to own his artwork, he's known for catering to every car enthusiast regardless of budget. Take a look at what his customers say about his work!

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