Chevy Camaro outsells the Ford Mustang

The Ford vs Chevy pony car war, It's been going on for 44  years (not counting the seven years Camaro was hibernating). For the first time since the 1985 model year, the Chevrolet Camaro has outsold the Ford Mustang, and did so by over 7,600 cars.  The Mustang had this all to itself during the seven years Camaro was gone from showroom floors, but it looks like a new, fresh model came out ahead through 2010.

Bloomberg reported that Camaro sales rose 32 percent in 2010, while Mustang sales rose 11 percent. Sales of both fell in December: Camaro by 26 percent, Mustang by 16 percent.

What do the people at Ford think? Ford sales analyst, George Pipas, recently told Automotive News "If that was important, we wouldn't have taken a shift off at Flat Rock." That means that Ford isn't willing to play any games with production to outsell the Camaro. Instead it is going to keep doing what it has been and only produce enough Mustangs that it thinks it can sell at a profit.

What does this really mean?  How much does a statistic like this really impact sales of a particular model? Let us know what you think.

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