2011 Performance edition Camaros

As the NAIAS gets underway, cyberspace is a buzz over some alleged discussions a bout the 2012 Chevrolet Camaro HP edition (aka Z-28?).   While the Z-28 name/rpo has not been specifically mentioned, there are plenty of pictures of supercharged (or we think) Camaros running around places like Arizona and Nurburgring letting us know a high performance version is coming, perhaps sooner than later?  Most discussed are things like the super-charged 6.2l power plant with about 550 HP (circa Cadillac V-Series), Magnetic ride control, special hood and other external treatments. I would hope the interior gets a few special touches as well.

Also on the board for the 2011 model year appears to be a 45th Anniversary edition due to showrooms later this summer. 

With 2010 SEMA Camaros like Red Flash, Black, Synergy, SSX Track Car,  we all know GM has quite a few plans for the Camaro. 

Have we already seen the next Camaro Z-28? Maybe so.

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