Which Cold Air Intake for your Camaro SS?

Installing an aftermarket Cold Air Intake is one of the most common performance modifications on late model cars.  A CAI (cold air intake) is used to improve the flow and lower the temperature of the air going into the motor.  The result is increased efficiency and power.  These kits come in various shapes and sizes, installation is fairly easy and can be performed by any backyard mechanic with a few basic tools.

GM High Tech Performance magazine recently tested seven of the top CAI packages out there on a 2010 Camaro SS LS3.

The test consisted of the following basic steps:
  • Install intake system
  • Reset fuel trims and begin data logging
  • Observe idle quality
  • Observe low speed driveability
  • Observe part-throttle driving, in traffic and around town
  • Data log two wide-open throttle runs, back-to-back from 3,500 to 6,500 rpm in Second gear
  • 45 minutes of cool down, change air intake system Rinse and repeat
Very interesting article, to see the complete test and the results, see the article here.

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