Dale Earnhardt Chevrolet Hall of Fame Camaro coming soon!

Dale Earnhardt Chevrolet is pleased to announce the reunification of America’s favorite driver with America’s favorite muscle car! Not since 2001 has this pair had the fortune of coinciding. But on April 29th, 2010 they will ride together once again. At Dale Day 2010 the 2010 Dale Earnhardt Chevrolet Hall of Fame Edition Camaro will be unveiled for the first time. All information about this vehicle is being kept under wraps but you can whet your appetite with the small tidbits of information that is being leaked out at www.earnhardtautomotive.com. Be sure to visit their site for sneak peak pics!

So check out the site for all the latest information on the HOF Edition Camaro and for all information concerning Dale Day 2010 please visit www.daleearnhardtinc.com.

Enthusiasts will appreciate the special edition Camaro's stirring look of classic speed. With a bold, unique paint scheme and a custom pin stripe it stands out among the crowd. The customization continues on to the interior as well with matching, painted panels in the interior to carry the polished look completely throughout. 

We personally invite you to attend our official unveiling of the historic HOF Edition Camaro at Dale Day on April 29th, 2010. Dale Day will be held at Dale Earnhardt Incorporated located at 1675 Dale Earnhardt Hwy # 3, Mooresville, NC‎. Festivities begin at 1pm and the Hall of Fame Edition Camaro will be unveiled at 2:30pm.

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