We need more Camaros

Edmunds InsideLine says forget about bankruptcy. GM's big problem is the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro. The fools in the Center of Renaissance aren't building enough of them. They need to be cranking out more badass versions of their new red-hot hot rod; like right now. You know, before Obama and the Green Brigade take it away from us.

The Camaro needs saving. Here are their brilliant ideas how to save it.

The T-Top Camaro

From 1978 through 2002, Chevy offered the Camaro with translucent T-tops. That's 25 model years! T-tops are as much a part of Camaro heritage as high school parking lot burnouts, and it's inexcusable that the Camaro has returned without them.

Click HERE to see the entire article and the other great ideas

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