Camaro: 2010 V6 vs 1967 SS 350

Motortrend published an interesting comparison;

We've driven the base, V-6-powered 2010 Camaro, and we're impressed. Actually, we're more than impressed. At first acquaintance, the entry-level version of Chevy's 21st century ponycar looks and feels a winner. It's smooth, quick, and accomplished on the road, with great steering, nice chassis balance, and good grip, even on the standard 18-in. wheel/tire combo. We can't wait to drive the V-8.

But with the hassle of high gas prices, the looming threat of the new 35-mpg CAFE laws, the worrying knocks from the engine room of the American auto industry -- all the stuff that has the doomsayer enthusiasts pining for the good old days -- this new Camaro got us thinking: Who needs a V-8?

We haven't had the chance to track test a new Camaro yet, of course, but this is what we do know about the numbers: More than 300 hp under the hood; a 0-60-mph time of at least 6.1 sec or better; EPA fuel consumption numbers of 18/26 mpg; a price tag of around $24,000. Independent suspension all round. Disc brakes all round. Alloy wheels. Available six-speed manual or automatic transmissions.

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