1985 IROC with only 4 miles

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1985 Camaro IROC Z28 with 4 (four) actual miles on the odometer

The first year the IROC option was offered. This car was recently liberated from 23 years of inside storage. The car has only 4.3 actual miles on the odometer. According to the original and only owner of this car, he purchased it new in 1985. The car was taken directly from the GM auto transporter and put into storage. This car was never dealer prepped, that is why all of the factory GM markings are still on the glass, mirrors and other parts of the car. The interior is still covered in the factory plastic as delivered to the dealer. The front air dam is still in it's sealed plastic wrapper along with mounting hardware in the back seat. These cars were transported without the air dam because they would get damaged coming off of the trailer. Installation would have been part of dealer prep. The rear cargo cover is in the box in the back seat, never having been installed.

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lunar iroc said...

thats really something amazing plus a first year car