Think the classic American muscle car is dead?

Chrysler started the production launch of the all new Dodge Challenger yesterday at the Brampton Assembly Plant . Just in time for $4.00 per gallon fuel prices here in the US. At $37,995 MSRP, all 7,000 of the 2008 SRT8 versions of the Challenger are already spoken for, with orders coming in already for 2009 models.

"Even though the development time for this Dodge Challenger SRT8 is one of the shortest in Chrysler's history, the wait for this exciting car has been too long, and as of today, the wait is finally over!" said Frank Ewasyshyn, Executive Vice President - Manufacturing. "Dodge Challenger represents the best of Chrysler's past and future. The teams that worked to bring this vehicle to market with quality and speed have done an excellent job."

It will be interesting to watch sales since the Ford Mustang has seen a decline already in 2008 with April 2008 sales down 19.7% compared to April 2007, the economy down and rising fuel prices, will the Camaro be more late to the party than it already is? Time will tell.

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