Camaro from GM's best styling era was so good it lasted 12 years

Many who are waiting for the revived 2009 Chevrolet Camaro remember the 1968-69 Camaro Z-28, which was basically a Trans Am race car anyone could buy at a Chevy dealership. But its race engine wasn't very suitable for street driving, and I found that the car -- as with all race cars -- was generally uncomfortable.

The new 1970-73 Camaro, which also came as a high-performance Z-28 model, was much better. For one thing, it was comfortable. For another, it was gorgeous. The 1967 Camaro had bland styling, while the chunkier 1968-69 Camaro looked almost trucklike.

The exquisitely styled 1970 Camaro coupe came from the best era of General Motors styling, done under legendary GM styling chief Bill Mitchell. It resembled the fabulous Pininfarina-styled short-wheelbase Ferrari Berlinetta, with a small, high-set ovalish grille, long hood, short deck, pointing front fenders -- and trim and tapered rear fenders. It looked like a Ferrari for Americans.


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