The spyshots of the Super Vette are FAKE!

Our previously reported Super Vette is a fake. There is a very well written synopsis on the Corvette Action Center website this week, the aritcle, by Rob Loszewski details the actions taken and the feelings of automotive enthusiasts from all over the country. It is worth reading.

Here is a clip from the article (reprinted with permission)

The Web of Deception
A look at Winding Road's Corvette SS and and a half-hazard attempt at making a buck

Several weeks ago, three to four pictures of a silver C6 Z06 covered in tape, contact paper, and a prominent hood scoop began to appear across the web. The photos were taken by some kid with a camera who spotted the test mule coming at him. He quickly gave chase, snapped a few photos and poof…..Corvette and automotive discussion boards were ablaze with wild speculation and obsessive dissection of the photos.

On Friday morning, December 1, 2006, word quickly spread across the internet regarding an online automotive news magazine's pathetic attempt at pulling the wool over the eyes of Corvette enthusiasts by developing their very own mock-up of a supposed 2008 Corvette "Blue Devil / SS" test mule.

In the January 2007 issue of their online magazine, Winding Road detailed how they took a silver production Z06 Corvette, and with the use of duct tape, cardboard and a little bit of ingenuity, built their own test mule. Their purpose: "To build a Corvette so authentic that it's published in a competing car magazine." They continue:

"Irresponsible speculation has been put forth by Corvette fanatics, magazine editors, and competing manufacturers. But because we are enthusiasts to the core, we want this Corvette to exist, too. It is with this in mind that we declare the game officially over. More significant than seeing our car published in another magazine was the reaction we received from the public at large. People want to believe in it. People want to buy it. Listen to them Chevrolet, Build the Blue Devil. Gave over. Thanks for playing." Link


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