Late model GM performance has a new online TV show


LSX TV Online TV Show Launched For GM Enthusiasts, in partnership with and powerTV, serves up on-demand online video for owners and enthusiasts of LSX-powered GM cars and trucks.

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, CA - December 21, 2006 - If you're an owner or fan of LSX-powered GM vehicles like the Camaro/Firebird, Corvette, SSR, or Silverado/Sierra, you know they're the hottest vehicles in the performance aftermarket. Now, for the first time ever, there is a TV show dedicated to these enthusiasts - welcome to LSX TV. Launched in cooperation with, LSX TV is 100% late model GM focused.

GM has done an incredible job with the LSX engine platform. The engines feature gobs of power, outstanding durability, plus a huge selection of performance parts to choose from. Since the LSX is one of the hottest segments on the Internet, powerTV decided to bring LSX TV online to focus content toward these enthusiasts.

What type of show content and videos will you find online at
Imagine being able to see and hear a video of your favorite exhaust system, camshaft or supercharger before you buy. Imagine being able to see and hear before and after dyno tests, installation overviews, performance evaluations, comparisons, and much more! All you need is a computer and a high-speed internet connection to watch the Flash videos featured on LSX TV.

The relationship between and LSXTV is a win-win for Late Model GM enthusiasts all over the world. "As a longtime LSX enthusiast, I am excited about LSX TV," said John Ryan, Founder. "There is currently not any television programming that is LSX related, so we fill that void. LSXTV will provide interesting programming that caters to the advanced LSX enthusiast, who wants lots of technical content 24-7. We at are working with LSX TV to create both featured content and video from our more than 80,000 active members. When you put that all together, you have a bunch of cool content for LSX enthusiasts."

LSX TV is launching full-time in January 2007 at - but the channel did a Beta launch of content at the 2006 PRI Racing industry trade show. With over 4,500 viewers within the first 24 hours, LSX TV has all the makings of a major hit for the millions of online late-model GM enthusiasts.

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