Donald Trump is fired from the Camaro Indy Pace Car

Donald, you're fired!

That seems to be the result when political correctness filters down to the racing community. While Donald Trump has become a characturer of himself, it seems  the usual, ridiculous claims of racism toward the POTUS have impacted the racing community. Was he a great pick from the start? No, but it's become more about marketing and popularity in recent years. Recent complaints from so called 'fans' of the Indy 500, even a facebook group dedicated to having Trump replaced seemed to have an impact. It was so much more about people not liking 'The Donald' than his being 'fit' to pace the race.

The replacement is A.J. Foyt, a much more fitting choice considering this is the 100th anniversary of the Great Race. Foyt is only the second replacement pace car driver, the first was Elaine Mellencamp (John Mellencamps' wife) when she replaced an injured Greg Norman.

We look forward to seeing A.J. Foyt pace the Great Race on May 29th!

We should start a facebook group to remove the 'Mustang' like vinyl stripes from the Camaro front fascia ;-)

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