- Using technology to communicate with domestic car buyers

Ever ordered a new car and felt helpless and alone from the time you place the order and get the call that the vehicle is ready to be picked up? They would call the dealership or GM's Customer Service number only to get ambiguous or poorly detailed information. Some 2010 Camaro buyers felt the same way and they came up with

There were so many Camaro buyers dismayed by the buying experience (due to back orders) that they decided to create a website which allows GM customers to find as much information as possible regarding their current status on their ordered car. was developed to let customers of the new Camaro track the status of their order and their car as it moves thru the entire production process.

We have found this to be a great resource and a great starting point for customers to track progress of other makes and models! Check it out today and let us know what you think.


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