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Last May, 15 Camaro enthusiasts/focus group members who are known as the Camaro Disciples met with Chevrolet Camaro designers, product managers, and marketing managers for a final focus group before 2010 Camaro production at the Milford proving grounds. The goal was to offer final design, engineering, and functionality thoughts and critiques on the upcoming 2010 Chevrolet Camaro. These 15 people helped the Camaro Team shape what is expected to be the best Camaro yet.

During the meeting, each of the 15 Disciples received one 1:64 scale GreenLight/CamaroZ28.Com Series II Camaro Concept Convertible Pace Car die-cast collectible. Each Disciple signed each car, ensuing that all 15 cars had 15 Disciple signatures on it. Then many other members of Chevrolet's Camaro Team signed each car as well. Some of the team members who placed their signatures on the car's packaging include Scott Settlemire, Cheryl Pilcher, John Fitzpatrick, Tom Peters, and more. All 15 cars are currently in the possession of the 15 Camaro disciples...

...except for one special 16th car.

One "Green Machine" version was also signed. A Green Machine is GreenLight's version of the "chase car", or the limited edition of the limited editions. They are widely regarded as being highly sought after, rare, and valuable, but perhaps none are as valuable as this one to the Camaro enthusiast and collector.

Up for auction will be that lone 16th car, a CamaroZ28.Com Series II Camaro Concept Convertible Pace Car Green Machine, signed by all 15 Camaro Disciples as well as very important Camaro Team members. This release of the CamaroZ28.Com Die-Cast series will never be produced again and getting the same signatures on any other item would be extremely difficult if not next to impossible.

This auction will be one chance to own that impossibility and a very unique part of Camaro history.

This auction will include:

  • One CamaroZ28.Com Series II Camaro Concept Convertible Pace Car Green Machine, with signatures
  • Certificate of authenticity, hand signed by the CamaroZ28.Com co-founders
  • One newly released CamaroZ28.Com Series III die-cast collectible (regular version)
  • Additional CamaroZ28.Com items (stickers, member cards, key chains)

100% of the proceeds of this auction will go to Habitat for Humanity International.
Funds will be processed directly through the eBay charity auction system, which is administered by Mission Fish.

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