Camaro: A Legend Reborn

Coming in March 2009, the long awaited book about the ressurection of an American Icon, the Chevrolet Camaro, by Larry Edsall

Amazon has the pre-order available now: Camaro: A Legend Reborn

Our copy is on order! After reading Jim Schefter's All Corvettes Are Red, which discussed the story behind the completely redesigned C5 1997 Chevrolet Corvette, I look forward to this new book with much enthusiasm!

Here is a description of the book:

When Chevrolet entered the pony market in 1967, its Camaro looked like a winner--not just for the muscle car era but for all time. And it was the iconic Camaro, battling Ford’s Mustang for dominance, that once again jumpstarted flagging American performance in the 1980s. Now, after another lull and more missed chances, Chevrolet comes roaring back onto the muscle car scene with a Camaro for a new generation--a Camaro destined to be the next classic.

Camaro: A Legend Reborn chronicles the rebirth of this legendary car. With drawings and photographs of prototypes and pre-productions vehicles, and in interviews with engineers, designers, and key executives, the book follows each step of the process that led to Camaro’s triumphant return. And finally, jaw-dropping photographs of the new car at play on the street and on the track announce the arrival of the ultimate Camaro in no uncertain terms.

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Joe said...

My copy arrived in the mail today, this book appears to be VERY well done. Excellent photography, this is a must read for Camaro enthusiasts!