Camaro popularity soared with Transformers movie


General Motors has released a market research study that presents findings of little backlash from the consumers of the company's products in "Transformers," according to The Hollywood Reporter. It seems the heavy product-placement in the film did not deter consumers from having a favorable reaction to the company's products.

In fact, percentages of consumers that viewed Bumblebee (94%) and Optimus Prime (91%) as excellent of good outpaced Shia LaBeouf (83%) and Megan Fox's (82%) character. Jazz, Ratchet, and Ironhide all came in at 69%.

Respondents after seeing the film were 70%-90% more likely to consider purchasing the Camaro, Solstice, Hummer H2 and GMC Topkick. Independently, 144% improved their opinions of the Solstice, 72% of the Camaro, and 65% of the H2 and Topkick.

The data was compiled by an independent market research firm.

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