2009 Corvette SS in final tuning phase

Source: CarandDriver.com

It looks like the Corvette SS/Blue Devil/Z07 or whatever you call it is about a little closer to the streets and showrooms! Bob Lutz tells us that this is the first time a Corvette has been challenge to develop. With the amount of power this car is putting out, they have had to look for new ways to engineer the car to be safe, predictable as well as the fastest car on showroom floors here in the USA.

Lutz goes on to say "We’re certainly not going to be at 600 because some of our competition is at 600. So, 600 is a number that is not satisfactory for us. I would say comfortably in excess of 600 is the way I would term it.” As for 700 horses, “that would be a stretch. Tom Stephens (GM’s head of powertrain) would say, ‘maybe in the second year."

With this car, GM is taking the horsepower wars to a whole new level. With 500 HP pony cars already on showroom floors with the Ford Mustang GT500 and the Dodge Viper, how fast will these cars get? With the price of this new Corvette expected in the six-figure range, it will still be a deal considering what its competition is.

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